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  1. If I remember correctly it is late payment. The debt had to be reduced % wise so I wasn't paying to much to one creditor. I have being paying this token contribution since 2009. The original debt was around £1600 by the time I went in to difficulty was around £1000 and its not less than £900 now. I would pay around 30% tom pay it off but that lets the dogs loose to chase me for the other debts. I was told by CAB if I was to pay 20% say off one it should be 20% off all and it is the ALL that is the problem!
  2. Hi Dx. This debt is on my credit file and what I am thinking is that they are looking at this and chancing a connection in order for them to go for the more lucrative debts. This debt stands at around £900 and as said before owned or at least administered by Westcott. I haven't established contact with them yet so have never sent a CCA request, but what I have done is contacted Creation in the first instance to establish who is administrating the account which is Westcott, and they have no knowledge of Cabot. Westcott have sent a request to Creation to establish any contact or instruction with Cabot. thank you for your reply.
  3. I bought a sofa through Creation Finance probably back in 2006/7. I fell into difficulty when I lost my position within my company (through false allegations), my partner left and the mortgage doubled. I went to see CAB who reduced my debts to my creditors, this is after I wrote them to say I would go bust in 3 months but, they said I would have to default first! I have kept up the payments via S/O religiously. This past 2 months I have been receiving phone calls from Cabot Financial for whom I just add to the reject list, however on one occasion they said that they have my address from my mobile phone bill, I still refused to establish that I was the person they were looking for but got a letter. It states they have bought the debt from Creation Finance. I have been in touch with Westcott Finance who still to claim they are acting as collectors and have been since 2008 and that records show that I am up to date with all transactions. Apparently, Cabot are making the claim that they have bought it from Creation but this is not the case. What is the advice, are they just trying it on? Thanks for any help.
  4. I must admit there are several blogs about Cabot and not many of them are good and put them in the category of parasites. I have two questions, 1. Have they ever taken over Creation Finance? 2. They claim to have bought the debt (Lie?) but I am still paying the agreed amount to another company that insist they are the collectors and transactions are still current and recorded. How can I get Cabot off my back! They call twice a day and are sending letters, for which I haven’t replied too. What is the legal terminology to write back to them if I do acknowledge them? And, could this be a ploy to establish contact with me before actually buying the debt or any other debt I have. Thank you, any advice will be most welcome.
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