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  1. Thanks. Any suggestions as to who I should see in an attempt to get this practice changed ? If I had just changed my mind, a refund would be enough but Loans-Only must have broken the law, getting money in this way. And there are other posts on this thread from other people who have fallen for this. Regards Dave
  2. Thank you for the information. inthis case there will be no recuring payments...it is a lifetime fee, and in any case I have changed my details so that mo other payments can be made. My bank say that because it is my fault that this company got my details, they cannot do anything. It does not matter to them that I did not submit a full application to them ...it was impossible to complete the form because unanswered questions would not have allowed me to this. However they obtained the information from the form. The incomplete form is viewable on my member page. This is why I say that they have obtained the information fraudulently. Also there is the fact that they refuse to refund me under the 14 day cancellation ....I can get no explanation from hem at all. Thank you
  3. Thank you for the information. This is the number used basically by "MyQuid", Thanks anyway
  4. Can anyone please give me any information regarding Katsea Financial Services, of 59 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AQ, and previously of Ipswich. I particularly want a telephone number as they ignore all correspondence on a matter concerning the unauthorised withdrawl from my bank account. This company and their off-shoot Loans-Only.co.uk need to be challenged over their way of business, and this is a final attempt before contacting the police. Thank you
  5. I partly completed a small load application form with the above company. As there were questions on the form which I was unable to answer (mainly employment questions as I have been retired for 6 years) the form was not completed or submitted. But it seems that important details on the first completed page were still transmitted to them, and 67.88 was taken from my bank. On my membership page with them, it quite clearly shows this incomplete form. I have screen shots of this. I wrote to them, recorded delivery, to cancel this, and have screenshot of their postal receipt. Eventually, I received an answer to say that the refund had been made, and although I realize that this can take a few days through Visa, it is now almost 3 weeks and no refund. Since my refund application, they have a new address, and I have written to this address also. It is impossible to speak to anyone on the phone. I have contacted Citizens Advice (as a first step in putting this matter before Trading Standards) as this company are quite clearly flouting the 14 day refund rule. I want also to confront this company over the way that they obtained my bank details, as this seems to be quite usual going by previous threads on this site. It does not seem legal at all...should I contact the police on this, or can anyone advise me the best course of action ?
  6. I have had the same experience from a company callrd "Loans-Only", who also promissed a refund which has not been received. I have not yet contacted the ombusman, but have been to see Citens Advice, as a first step towards a Trading Standards case. This loan company. quoted refund conditions, which I have followed completely. I wish you the best in your actions and hope that you will post follow-ups. Regards dave
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