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  1. Hi All, Just wanted to update this thread, and also give some encouragement to others (especially females) who may find themselves bringing a case as a litigant in person in Court. The of grounds of appeal that i drafted for my friend as it pertains to Bias was not accepted, however 3 out of 10 of the grounds were allowed by the EAT Judge. Date of hearing was 16/08/18 by that time she had enough money to get a Barrister, and the Victimisation portion of the claim was sent back to ET. keeping in mind that i drafted the skeleton argument, found all case laws which we used to support the argument. The Barrister at that point was just a talking head-as he basically used the same argument angle that i came up with. Oh when we got to the EAT permission to appeal hearing, the Judge stated he was very impressed with the way the grounds were drafted. And no we did not get laughed out of court. Anyhow..We got partially what we wanted and fought so hard for and it is very gratifying . If you are doing this on your own. Keep the faith and read read read. Do not let anyone discourage you. Stand firm and confident in front of the Judge, make your points clear, concise and to the point. No date as been set yet for ET retrial.
  2. The Barrister for the other side is a big shot who is also a part time ET Judge..His firm is in London, and thus he is colleagues with the ET Judge who presided over the case..The ET judge also ignore key evidence in the victimisation portion of the trial...she (the ET Judge) was literally pleading the case for the other side.
  3. Anyway, that said, you appear to not require any advice whatsoever, so I won't need to give you any. Except to point out again that claiming a judge is biased is very likely to ensure that you don't get a hearing. You / your friend had better be prepared to back that up with solid evidence, because it will not win you any points. His claim of bias rests on the fact that the Barrister is a part time ET Judge and thus is colleagues with the female Judge who presided over the hearing...my position is that he could very well be right, however being that he is acting as a litigant in person that ground could irritate whoever looks at his paper work at the first stage. In my opinion all the Judges at ET are bias somewhat but exposing the way things are could hurt his case...
  4. LOL...How im I getting it wrong when it was being to told me that a claim apparent BIAS was not a valid ground of appeal however it states so clearly on the EAT.gov site?. The language used in law is apparent bias...I think you are confusing the language used in indirect discrimination and direct discrimination with BIAS...here is some more info from the law society ..https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/automatic-disqualification-and-apparent-bias-/64222.article But wether indirect or apparent.. doesn't matter..the key work here is BIAS. I am not putting the entire case on here, what is the point?..I just wanted to see what people opinions are on using that avenue..I had a long debate with the person involved and anyone familiar with ET knows how Discrimination and victimisation claims are complex and i don't have the time to put the entire matter here and what happened at ET for everyone to dissect.. The reason i cited the case was to show that BIAS as a ground of appeal can be used and has been used in the past at EAT..not to say it was successful.. Thanks for your input.
  5. Hmm thanks. .I like how you have not heard anything else about the whole matter but you somehow are jumping to the conclusions that we do not understand how ET works.. Information on EAT.gov set states the opposite of what you say. ..and there are case laws i can direct you to which shows you are actually incorrect. see Singh v Glasgow University & Anor ... ..Bias and apparent bias are grounds for appeal. .https://www.gov.uk/appeal-employment-appeal-tribunal/overview I said already he is going to use other grounds, i don't feel like putting everything on here so as not to get side tracked ..perhaps it will do you some good to update yourself on EAT grounds of appeal by reading up on some current case laws. http://www.redmans.co.uk/blog/employment-law-posts/bias-in-the-employment-tribunal-a-quick-guide
  6. Thanks..The ET trial was end of march and he says he just received the written reasons Mid July...So he is still within the 42 days window. He seems to have other grounds, specifically that ET panel misdirected itself by pleading a points for the respondent that they did not even mention. . I just felt the accusation of bias he wants to argue about the ET Judge and the Barrister being colleagues could very well irritate the EAT which can cause his appeal to be rejected at the first stage...That is what i was concerned about and looks like some of the experts on here agree. Bias and apparent bias are actual grounds of appeal that could be use ..In this case i was just wondering if it would be wise.
  7. Hi All, This is an employment tribunal question, not sure if it belongs in this section. I am helping a friend with doing some research on how to draft and formulate grounds of appeal to EAT. The case relates to a claim for discrimination and victimisation against his ex employer which he lost some months ago. He was a litigant in person. One of the grounds of appeal he wants to submit is that the Tribunal was bias against him from the onset due to the fact that (we found this out after that the trial) the Respondents lawyer, a Barrister, is also a part time ET Judge. The ET judge who dismissed my friend's case is a consultant solicitor. We have not yet uncovered any evidence showing their firms are linked. In essence, my friend wants to argue that the Barrister for his ex employer and the ET Judge are colleagues and should have declared that conflict of interest before trial. The ET Judge we observed during trial was very friend with the other side's lawyer. I told my friend this could be a weak grounds of appeal and could irritate EAT. He claims not, and states this is a valid ground of appeal. He has other grounds to put forward. Do you guys think his assertion that the ET Judge was bias due to the mentioned reasons above is s strong ground?.. I honestly think he very well may get laughed out of court. thanks..
  8. Will do!..Thanks Martin, i now have a starting point...will keep this thread updated on my progress and i will definitely donate to the site.
  9. Well, i don't see how i will lose the case being that the organization that is currently helping me uncovered proof that the social worker who accessed me in my PRIVATE accommodations NEVER had in her possession- a valid mental health warrant ...However, she told the manager of the building the opposite and he let her in my flat. ...The aforementioned is outright FRAUD and the organization that is currently helping is looking for lawyers to bring CRIMINAL charges against the social worker for fraud...See section 126 of the MHA 1983... The Solicitor i had was for the ET case which had to do with the JOB not this cvil matter...I was unable to get anyone to help me with the human rights case..Thats is fine -as i feel more in control handling things..plus i now have a person who is an expert on Mental health act laws on the case... The case is long and drawn out and i am happy to keep going for another 3years if need be....If I had given up when Bar pro bono refused to help, then the Mental health watch dog who is now helping would never have found me- thus we would not have uncovered explosive proof of fraud being committed by the Trust and social services... Btw..it took this long to get to trial due the Country court screwing around with my case!
  10. Piece of all of that information together and use the figures suggested for the months affected, as long as you can show with proof that you lost earnings as a result, ie had to claim benefits then that will form your schedule and proofs. Future losses are much harder to predict but the same principle applies to calculation, you just wont have the proof yet in advance of the loss Ok thanks...this helps a lot.... Question: Does this schedule of loss that i am being asked to submit affect the compensation amount that i am asking for in my claim?...I submitted to the court that i am seeking general damages no more than 50,000 for the unlawful detention and violation of articles 3 and 8 of the Human rights Act.... The fact that blatant fraud was committed by the NHS trust in the regards to how there social worker was able to gain access to me- i also asked for exemplary damages..
  11. Ok just so we are clear...i don't need help with my Mental health section case...i am taking the hospital who sectioned me under the MHA act to court for unlawful detention and violations of other articles of the human rights act...i don't want to go into details pertaining to the merits of the case as it will just be a long drawn out convo...What i need is help DRAFTING a schedule of loss for past and future loss for my current human rights lawsuit. The ET case was for a JOB i was dismissed from ...I was SECTIONED under the MHA a week after i received the letter that i had been dismissed from the job...I was held for 7weeks in hospital and could not fully defend or find adequate legal advice to help me in the ET case.... So i am asking if it is appropriate to add in the schedule of loss for the HUMAN RIGHTS claim, that i lost my ET for that job due to being detained unlawfully by the defendant under the MHA 1983 i hope that is clear..i have already been to CAB and the high court CAB...i have been dealing with this matter for almost 3years now...i have pretty much exhausted all options...CAB do not help at all when i comes to matter such as this.... i also got a referral to the Bar pro bono and they refused to take the case....
  12. I never submitted a schedule of loss, i filed the claim on my own in June of 2014.....since the section and losing my job i have been homeless twice i did not work at all for about 8months after the section as i suffered from severe back pain due the injuries i suffered while in hospital after being thrown down and forcibly given medication...my finances have suffered since i lost the job and i have not recovered.... I have proof of being homeless..having to go on ESA and transcript of the ET which mentioned that i was held in hospital...
  13. The exact order states: The claimant by aug 4 2016 serve on the defendant an updated schedule of past and future losses such statement to specify the amount claimed for each item of financial loss and the period for which it is claim and to be accompanied by copies of all documents not already served which are relied upon in support of the claimants case... Just so we are clear.. .the schedule of loss i am need to submit pertains to my civil claim against the hospital who detained me under the mental health act..not my old job which is what the ET thread pertains to...
  14. The ET case...this is after i lost...I didnt know what was going on as the solicitor i hired basically did nothing during the ET ...i was thinking about an appeal at the time so i came on here to get advice...
  15. This is the ultimate goal...i did try for a almost a year to find a solicitor but was unsuccessful. Thanks..
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