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  1. Spot on. It absolutely galls me when anybody says to somebody with mental health issues (or any other disability for that matter) 'Oh, you can use a computer can't you?' or 'You could answer telephones maybe?' or whatever other stupid suggestion they care to make, without considering if there's enough of these jobs going round even for people without any potential barriers to work, and also if all of the employers offering them would suddenly be happy to make extra provision for employees who need extra help and support to sustain employment (and as we know, quite a lot of them unfortunately won't). This idea of stripping benefits from anybody with mental health issues who refuses treatment is immoral, and (thankfully) unlikely to be put into law anytime soon....but it shouldn't even be at the stage of being discussed. We really are living in sad times if this is the direction our society's headed in.
  2. Absolutely. I've done some volunteering in the past and whilst it was was useful to me on a personal level (ie getting me up and about each day), no employer or agency I've applied for work with has been interested, I just get the usual 'and what about your last full time paid position?' question asked whenever I try to emphasise any useful activity I've done since becoming unemployed. I finished with Ingeus last September and was sent for a MWA in November/December. I have 12 years clerical experience plus a number of clerical and IT based qualifications that I've achieved both in and out of work, and I was placed with......a 2nd hand council furniture store. Basically spent my 4 weeks doing nothing useful to my chosen career path, including some moving heavy furniture (and putting flat pack furniture together) and cleaning, despite both the JCP and the MWA provider (LearnDirect) knowing that I am actually limited in the amount of physical activity I can do (and that I actually receive low rate care/mobility DLA)....luckily the people at the placement were pretty reasonable, quickly realised my limits and didn't expect me to do anything I couldn't do, and I even ended up with a good reference from them. Since then, I've had no interviews and barely any replies from jobs I've applied for, asides from automated acknowledgements of applications, and the agencies that have bothered to get back in touch with me aren't interested in the MWA at all as it has zilch to do with any of the clerical/admin positions I apply for.
  3. Same here. Ingeus ought to produce T-Shirts for their leavers with slogans on them saying 'I suffered 2 years of nonsensical crap and all I got was this lousy 1 page summary'
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