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  1. Thanks I will complain to the FOS again that they have not honoured the settlement that we had agreed.
  2. Thanks for the clarification, I did complain to the Australian FOS but to be honest they weren't very helpful and just kept saying that I should try and resolve with Credit Corp. I thought I had and we had an agreement in place then the woman I was dealing with went on maternity leave and now it seems to have started from scratch again with the threats etc. They even miraculously had the wrong email address after always having the right details in the past which was their excuse for calling me at work. They are now saying that too much time has passed for them for the repa
  3. Thanks for the response, I'm just frustrated that this is gone on for this long when I've tried to make payment arrangements. They are calling me every day on my mobile at 6.30am and calling me at work as when I never gave them my work number. I want to resolve this so that I don't live in fear of their threats but I can't pay in a lump sum.
  4. In 2004 I left Australia & returned to the UK. I had an Australian Virgin Credit Card & provided them with my address & contact telephone numbers in the UK. I continued to make payments from my Australian bank account until it was closed in September 2004. I contacted Virgin by telephone & post to ask how to make payments from the UK, no response was received. Correspondence & statements from Virgin also stopped. In October 2009 I received correspondence from Stevensdrake solicitors saying my debt had been sold to Credit Corp and they were demandi
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