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  1. Lmao The name does lend itself open to abuse. I'm surprised it's took this long in fairness haha
  2. And no. Only 1 enforcement fee is chargeable after April 6th And certainly on one visit new or old regs.
  3. But in cases over £1500 a further 7.5% of the debt is also added. So in your case £310 + 7.5% (of remaining debt over £1500) Hope this answers your question
  4. PS: I would be interested in your comments regarding the Police & Bailiff Roadside Operations. Pls send me those notes and I will have a look and hopefully help give a good opinion.
  5. Yes that's true. Removal of goods for me a thing of the past. And not necessary! I'd really class that as vulnerable. You'd have to be an idiot to enforce some cases. I hate the whole word enforce. To me it gives a poor view of what I believe we are to be used for. The nature of the job has changed so much. I really think we had it right when we used levy bailiffs. But now the industry has done away with them and only use "enforcement" agents? I think it should have swung the other way.
  6. We have seen an increase in debtors even with the compliance stage being longer in process. Certain creditors still wish to use the bailiff that won't change. If anything I would say by only having the one fee over numerous debts encourages debtors to take as long as they like in paying bills
  7. Just watched 20 mins of that. I've never seen it before. I will say this too start. A bully and a nasty piece of work. I'd have his certificate. If that was my home he'd leave alright in a police van or a box. A utter disgrace and embarrassment. The fees atrocious even if legal. His manner and behaviour disgusting. 1. I never collect rta in the past because of the extreme fees which I didn't believe in. 2. If that was me making the visit I wouldn't of clamped a taxi. 3. On the word "cancer" I'd of left. So what do learn from this video and experience? 1.not all bailiffs are pieces of muck 2.the fees needed addressing (have been) 3. Maybe put a camera on all agents 4.why had this got so far? There's a lack of responsibility across the board here. But to then complement a difficult situation with an overgrown idiot, theif ,bully is even worse. I truly am disgusted and feel a great sense of anger now I've seen this. I hope he's been sacked and had his license removed. However I get the point that for bailiffs to be in court it's taken bad behaviour which shouldn't occur at all. But we ain't all like him. And if I was with him I'd of dragged him out the house myself. Believe me! Maybe difficult after seeing that
  8. No one is saying pay them for every single job. Pay the bailiff if he collects some money. I would suggest that 90% of the people I speak to make me an offer of payment. They ain't all not wanting to pay. So when someone phones me and says "I've received your letter mate, you want £2000 now but I don't have it. I can pay you £200 Friday and £100 per month" I can say" ok mate this seems fair" (depending on circumstance) "give me a call Friday and we can get that done" Now if I could do that everybody is happy in what can be a terrible situation fraught with all kinds of problems. Debtor pays money I collect and am paid Bailiff company are doing a job Cnl gets paid. I don't see a problem really. It ain't rocket science. I don't think people who don't pay should be let off. But I don't believe bailiffs should be used to inflict more hardship and misery. There is a balance to be had so let's have it.
  9. But you still see the "bailiff" as being the problem. And it is "not" the bailiff who is responsible for the collection and payments made to the bailiff. County court bailiffs are how they are because of the different payment structure, fee structure. Which allows them to be how they are. There's no reason why the private bailiff can't work a similar practice. None at all. The bailiff is not the problem it's the bloody system that's screwed. Bailiffs are left working writhing a rubbish corrupt system when dealing with these debts. If you take nothing else from my posts please just understand this point. Bailiffs are the making of a corruption and greed by owners of private firms. Sort them out and how they allow the bailiff to work and be paid, and you sort out the bailiff. Trying to pull individual bailiffs from the industry will take years. Go to the route of the problem. At the top.
  10. No problem. And thanks I guess if a politician tried to convince me he was any different it would take me a period if time. To judge that person on there own merits. I get it
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