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  1. Cheers again dx. Yeah read up on them on the forums and they are just door knockers. I'll ignore and save postage money. Thanks you.
  2. Back again. Received letters from crapquest about taking over my loans again and now they have sent a letter saying they are going to instruct resolvecall to make a home visit. The debt is SB now so should I just send crapquest the SB letter?
  3. Dryden has replied say the account is closed with them and any future correspondence should be sent to erudio.
  4. Just seeen this post and you mention to send the PAP and SB letter so do I have you use the PAP reply form as well? When I asked you just said send the letter
  5. SB letter posted. Will update when/if I hear back. I take it as I used their ref code in relation to the PAP thats I don't need to send a pap form as well. Thanks again for the help. It is very much appreciated.
  6. ok no return of pap form. just to confirm as i sent a letter as i was over the threshold 2 years ago asking for payment das i was keeping to the terms of the loan. this doesn't coutn? regarding the SB letter, the one in the post 1 or the pdf in post 2 or doesn't it matter?
  7. well my last deferment was May 2013 so it's SB'd if nothing i've done inbetween counts against the clock. so just to confirm, tick Box D on the PAP form and attach the SB letter? (one in the post or pdf version as they are slightly different so unsure if it matters)
  8. so they finally replied to my PAP a couple of months ago with the usual on hold and it's been a while but i've got another one of those PAP letters from dryden. just in time for the festive period. just wondering what to do this time, same defence as the previous times or change to statue barred?
  9. Been following other threads and sort of expecting a claim letter any day now so getting my notes together. But just wondering if my would be SB now? Last deferment date was May 2013 as Erudio refused evidence for my 2014 application or am I in it for the long haul?
  10. Is there a time limit for them to acknowledge my dispute? Letter was delivered on the 16th so it’s been longer than the previous times.
  11. Sorry not scanned up last letter but scanner on my printer has decided to give up and I don’t have access to a private scanner in work. I also had another PAP letter, same reference num so I’ll get my same reply off this week
  12. So I’ve had a reply to the last PAP form but this time it’s not the standard reply but it mentions my dealing with the FOS and how the FOS agreed with Erudio and how I didn’t sign their DAF but provided the SLC form. The interesting thing is the Erudio letters don’t have there letter headers on, just blank. Ill scan it up over the weekend, but I’m just wondering what is going to happen with regards to the PAP.
  13. Round 3...another PAP letter, same ref number. I’ll sort out my reply over weekend. I do have 1 question. Just wondering what I should I do about the deferment this year. Last year I asked for payment details as I was finally over the threshold but they ignored it. Shall I write off again as I’m still over asking for details or just leave it now as it’s got to this stage?
  14. Here are the scanned SLC forms, sorry fort the delay. I've also included the first page of the dryden response to the PAP form for reference. SLCScannedRetracted.pdf
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