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  1. You were removed from my npower nightmare for making an offensive comment - calling me a "shill". And making a number of ill-informed comments which were not constructive when you knew zilch about my case.
  2. My experience of the energy ombudsman is that they are a complete waste of time. I wrote to them several times and provided tons of evidence in the form of copies of correspondence etc. The Information Commissioner appears equally useless. All the authorities were useless. Court gets results albeit it can take a while to get there. Worth it though.
  3. Good to have such a positive outlook - do you speak from experience of having been through a group action before?
  4. If anyone has already made progress towards a group action against npower, count me in Alternatively please join me in my pursuit of this - I am talking to a solicitor at end of month when his case load has thinned out. Have spoken to him before and I believe he is the right man for the job. Regards Paul
  5. Hello, I have a solicitor lined up for further discussion on this - whilst it would be good for everyone to take individual action, I suspect that few people are confident enough do do it themselves - dealing with an N1 form etc can be off putting and of course it takes time and effort. I am fortunate in that I have been to small claims court many times. A class/group action makes it easier for people to do things. What I would say to everyone with an npower problem is to issue a small claim because the authorities in my experience have been a complete waste of time - I have sent all my eviden
  6. Hi, White Rabbit, I have indeed just followed you I'll publish the solicitor's contact details at the end of the month when he approves my doing so. On the facebook page I have listed some of the Reasons for suing npower (and I am sure there are plenty of other reasons): 1) inaccurate bills 2) harassment 3) changing/cancelling direct debit without providing statutory notice 4) not refunding monies due 5) wrongful credit file entries which as I well know cause enormous financial problems. 6) charging wrongful amounts - and that is just for starters.
  7. Hello Sorry for late replies here. npower - instructions for legal preparation.pdf it's at the bottom of the list. I have a solicitor lined up for the end of November - he's been off work for personal reasons but is back at work now catching up, so will be talking further then. Meanwhile, I'm asking people to get all their paperwork together in a folder in preparation. The more of us teaming up, the more clout we will have. Regards Paul
  8. Hi, Cagger, thanks for your reply here I'm pursuing the one I have had experience with, i.e. npower, so I do not have any evidence of others. An action can be many to one i.e. many claimants v one defendant.
  9. I for one have had hellish problems caused by npower entering missed payments on my credit file, on and off like a yoyo and this has caused my mortgage applications to be declined more than once. I consider this to be extremely serious. Please contact me if you would be interested in taking out a class action lawsuit against npower to seek compensation for all the problems they have caused and laws they have broken. Whilst I have already provided extensive details of my case to The Information Commissioner, The Energy Ombudsman, The Financial Ombudsman, Experian Credit Agency, they either
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