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  1. Hi Chris, did you have any luck with the change of tenancy ? KB
  2. I haven't contacted the Utilities Intermediaries Association, will do asap. I'll get back with what they say.
  3. Thanks for that rebel11. I can save myself a bit of dosh and buy the extras instead. Probably come out the same or less. Thanks
  4. It's been over 10yrs since I bought anything from them. I can remember when I bought a TV from them, they threw in a few extras when I took out an extended warranty.
  5. Moved into premises on 10th June. I started getting calls from 'Concept Industries', telling me I was getting charged high rates as I was a new tenant in property. I was told BES are the cheapest supplier in my area by far. They gave me figures for 2 other suppliers, which were higher than BES's rates. I asked If I could source my own supply, but was told that I couldn't and had to take it through them. (I have now found out this to be a lie, I can source my own supply) So under pressure verbally agreed to a 5 yr contract. I've told BES about the conduct of the broker but they don't seem to care. They just keep on telling me I agreed to a 5 yr contract with them and I can't leave. I need help please. A quick soluton would be the best, but I know it may take time. Any help is appreciated. Thanks KB
  6. Hi, Its been awhile since I bought something from Currys/Dixons. What I wanted to know, are you able to haggle the price/extras with them if I were to take out an extended warranty on the prospective purchase ? Thanks KB
  7. Check out the recent watchdog episode as dx100uk suggest.
  8. Hi All, Been a silent member for awhile, thought I'd might as well join.
  9. Just been had by BES, wish i researched them before hand. I've been had by these BES also. Is there a way of getting out of the contract quickly ? Hi, Been tricked into a 5yr contract with BES by a broker, 'Concept Industries'. Called BES to be released from said contract, but can't. Any help is appreciated for a quick solution. Thanks KB
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