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  1. Hi All, I am a really, really irritated with Amigo loans right now. Each month, I go a week overdue on my loan, because they will not allow me to move the payment date back to the end of the month. I get a mound of emails, letters, texts and other crap each month, as does my guarantor. As usual I got all that this month, but an error on their website has prevented me from paying, not me. I have communicated this to them, but the 'account manager' ignores these emails, yet she has the time to email me and my guarantor threats still telling him soon he will pay. Can I complain about this, either to them or the ombudsman? Or am I being a bit OTT. I am just sick of them, and they are winding me up going after my Dad when I have tried to pay them, 3 times yesterday.
  2. Left the UK in 2013 with a few things on payment plans, this was one of them, left due to an overseas job and to be honest this one got completely forgotten. We had no idea there was a CCJ until we recently checked the credit file and saw it, had numerous emails but thought they were all the usual threats so did not pay too much attention
  3. Thanks, I will do that, will come back here when I have a response from em!
  4. I thought exactly that, ridiculous email isn't it! The £50 is about the maximum of the limit when it comes to affordability, but their email response has not encouraged me, I mean we offered them £50 a month, and they ignore the offer and just say call us to discuss options, when for years they have been emailing asking us to pay them.. and I want it in writing
  5. CCJ is for £850. Plan on moving back in the next couple of years so would be nice to clear it, and their threat of arrest is not sitting well. An offer of £50/month was given to them today and the email response was: Thank you for your email. As the County Court process has been initiated on your account, you would have to contact our litigation department on 01253 523460 to advise you of the necessary steps on resolving the outstanding claim. We are open Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 7.00pm and 8:00am to 5:30pm Friday. The litigation department can also discuss any payment options available to start repaying the County Court Judgement. Please visit https://www.tm-legalservices.co.uk/payment to find the most convenient way to make payments to your account. To find out more information on managing your County Court Judgement or to find out what happens if you do not keep to the terms of a County Court Judgement, please visit: https://www.tm-legalservices.co.uk/county-court-judgment You can also pay 24 hours a day using our new payment line. Please call 01253 845 880 and have your agreement number and card details ready to pay your agreed amount. Anything agreed I want in writing via email so how exactly do we proceed with this..
  6. Hi All My partner no longer lives in the UK, but has received a few emails from an old (believe pdl) debt over the last few months relating to a CCJ which was granted after she left the country. The DCA are called TM LEGAL SERVICES They have now sent the following: Following our recent letter, you have failed to contact the office to set up a repayment on your County Court Judgment. We are now in the process of contacting your employer to verify your status of employment. Once we have confirmed the status of your employment, we will complete an N337 Form (Request for Attachment of Earnings Order) and present this to the court. We anticipate this form will be completed in the next few days. After this form has been completed and sent to the courts, we are unable to retract the application and your employer may be informed of your County Court Judgment. Once the Attachment of Earnings has been applied for, the courts will issue you an N56 Form (Form for Replying to an Attachment of Earnings Application Statement of Means). You must fill in this form, giving details of your financial circumstances. These include your employer's details. You are required to include your partner's financial circumstances also. You must return this to the court within eight days. It is an offence not to send back the N56 Form or to give false information within the form. If you do not send back the form, the county court bailiffs will serve you with an order to complete. If you still do not return the form then you will be sent a notice of summons to attend a court hearing. At this hearing you will be required to explain why you have not supplied information about your financial circumstances that you were requested to. You must attend this hearing. If you do not attend the hearing, the court can issue a warrant for your arrest and you may be brought to court or even jailed for up to 14 days. To stop our application, we require you to contact the office by 7.00pm today Friday 29th September 2017 on the number below to discuss the options avaliable to you.. Our contact number is 01253 523460 (option 2) and our opening hours are Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 7.00pm & Friday 8.00am to 7.00pm. Note, we are extending are opening hours to give you a final oppurtunity to avoid the Attachment of Earnings. Pretty scary sounding here, mentioning arrest etc. What is the best way to approach this. She does not live in the UK, is not employed in the UK, but we are willing to potentially set up a payment plan, but are wary of giving them much info. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. What grates on me most in this situation is that not only will they not pay us the compensation owed under the redress scheme but they have the cheek on the administration page to say if you still owe cfo money and do not pay they will take legal action against you! How are the laws of this land so bloody backward
  8. Hi Again All, Lowell have now sent me 'statements' from JDW for these debts. One of the letters is a full statement, showing a purchase of £13 and interest/admin bumping that up to £67. All of the others say that they are too old to show an agreement or detailed statement. They give the massive sums as the balance and say none of that is fees/charges which is absolute nonsense. How do I proceed here?
  9. Hi, Default dates are: 4 x Defaulted May 2013, 1 x Oct 2013 1 x May 2014 1 x May 2016 I have asked Lowells for a full breakdown of what part of the balance is interest, charges and principle on each of these debts. They have responded today to advise they will be sending me in the post statements on all of the accounts that they are currently managing, this will show how the balances were accrued which I will receive in the post in due course. So do you advise a CCA, then go down the irresponsible lending route? Thanks
  10. Hi Thanks for responding. I have not sent any subject access requests, but I will get on that this week. Do I send this to both JD and Lowell? The years I took out the accounts are: Opened Sep 2011 Opened Oct 2011 Opened Jan 2012 Opened Feb 2012 Opened Sep 2012 Opened Sep 2013 Opened Sep 2015 4 Defaulted May 2013, one Oct 2013, one May 2014, one May 2016 Thanks
  11. Hi All, I have a massive debt, from JD Williams, from 2011/12/13 totalling nearly £5500, spread over six accounts. At the time, they let me open constant new accounts on their partner sites, and kept increasing the limit when I reached the limit I had on each one. I have not complained to them, but still it strikes me as irresponsible. I made payments for as long as I could, but then it all just became far too much for me, hundreds of pounds a month in interest and that was without all my other massive debts. This was from a period of massive debt issues, payday loans and numerous other personal problems. I have since sorted all the payday loans, credit card and other debts, and this is pretty much the last of what I have on my credit file. I get about 12 letters a week from Lowell who it seems now own the debt, sometimes more. I have been getting these letters for a year or so but need to sort my credit file as this is six constant red defaults staring me in the face. Lowell send me letters offering 50% off each account regularly, if I had the money I would pay it in an instant just to be rid of it. Does anybody have any advice for tackling this? I just want to sort it all out. I do not have much spare a month, but would be willing to pay it.
  12. Sorry:- I was making monthly payments on the accounts I had either on time, or a month late for about two years after opening - at some staggering interest rates. They are at the 6k now with all the interest, fees etc added on and currently with numerous DCAs
  13. Thanks for the responses. I will send them the details today for them to obtain the statements. It is so embarrassing as I was in such a mess, but will post here when I have an outcome.
  14. I have a complaint that has now reached the ombudsman after the adjudicator decided in my favour and asked for interest to be refunded, but the company appealed. The Ombudsman has my credit file but has now asked for bank statements which the adjudicator was fine not seeing before.. These are a mission to get as the accounts were all closed years ago, and I was juggling multiple accounts as I had so many loans and they are asking for 2 years of statements.. My question is, would you send them if you were me or just give up. It has been a long irritating road to here, I am pretty unwell and this will add more irritation for a couple hundred quid. I had gambling issues at the time (which I have told my adjudicator) - I was selling stuff from catalogues on ebay which may look like extra income, but it was not it was to gamble and also live. I had around 12 PDLs, 10 catalogue accounts, multiple credit cards etc. All my household bills were paid from my ex partners account as I could not get a house, or electric direct debit, sky etc due to my crappy credit score so they aren't on the statements, my statements will show salary, gambling, ebay sales and probably my train to work.. which I have also pointed out to the adjudicator.. and I am not contacting my ex to ask for her statements as I cannot face it.. I will probably keep on with it and see it through but do you think I will be out of luck here, or get in any kind of trouble for selling stuff from catalogues years ago? Just some advice needed.
  15. Hi All So I have had some success claiming back Payday loan charges and getting things written off for irresponsible lending.. Can the same be applied to JD Williams? Currently on my credit file, I have SIX accounts in default with them, totalling around £6000. These were all taken out in the same two years, all when I had multiple defaults/loans on my credit file and they just kept increasing my limits without end. In the end I was buying stuff there to sell to pay my payday loans.. They never asked for my income, bank statements or anything like that.. But kept giving me new accounts when I applied with the same details.. and increasing my current ones.. Any advice?
  16. This is their first offer, if I wish to get a final response I have to go back to them and move it further
  17. Hi All Not sure how to proceed. Helping a friend and the below happened. I sent off a complaint regarding clear irresponsible lending. Received an email offering full interest refund and the loan being closed and written off. Accepted it, sent over the bank details as they requested and clarified by email that they would refund and close the loan and they said yes correct, so I said OK I accept. Then they came back and said actually that is a mistake, you cannot have a refund but we will close the loan. What should I do? Is it worth pursuing the first offer?
  18. I will give that a try... I sent it to the FOS and 247 have completely ignored their recommendations email/letter and not responded at all so now its been sent to an ombudsman for review which could take months :/ It amazes me that to get FCA authorisation this stuff is not taken into account!
  19. In February... http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/active-securities-secures-full-fca-authorisation-569623481.html Yet... My complaint with the FOS - They completely ignored.. so it has to go to an adjudicator. How do they gain this status if they ignore the FOS? How is responsiveness to the FOS not a requirement?
  20. Has anybody dealt with these guys and their complaints department? This is my story.. I had three loans with them, all rolled over tonnes of times. First in 2010 - not repaid. Then again 2013 - They told me they see I have a prior unpaid loan, but here is some more money. Not repaid. Then again in 2015 - They actually lent to me again, same details etc. How that happened I have no idea. So I made a complaint that they clearly do not have any kind of checking process and they completely ignored what I said about the prior two loans and concentrated on the 2015 one where they said they credit checked me. I am taking them to the FOS, not seeking money really more the old balances be written off because I paid way above what they were in rollovers and just cannot believe they keep lending to me. Anybody got experience with these lot?
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