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  1. Hi. I am a Domestic Energy Adviser and Green Deal Adviser. Clearly I cannot comment on the above listed cases but for anyone planning to look for a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR), some advice... I cannot conduct a GDAR survey without writing to you explaining what I will be doing, my code of conduct, the complaints procedure, the cost of your survey and an outline of Green Deal. I must offer you the opportunity to do your own energy assessment online (although there is no obligation for you to do this). In short, I cannot just knock at your door, take the cash and conduct a survey. As with anybody entering your home I must show you photographic identification on the doorstep. This is an encapsulated card listing my qualifications. Turn the card over and you will see my Assessor Organisation (the police force of Green Deal - they supply the software and conduct regular audits) this could be Stroma, NES, Elmhurst, Quidos - there are others. There will be an Assessor contact number and my unique ID number. If you are in any doubt, ring the number. A genuine Green Deal Adviser will have no problem with this. There are some grants for insulation, boilers, windows etc but they depend upon your circumstances, postcode and property. Please beware of anybody offering 'free' before they have surveyed your property, understood your circumstances and energy use patterns. Hope this helps.
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