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  1. My parents didn't receive there's either they are trying to get deposit back through bank but paid on debit card in March. Out of the blue he phoned them on Tuesday to say it was ready but they no longer want it or trust him to believe anything he says. They did go and see him yesterday but he just tells too many lies changing his story.
  2. From where the shop was in Droitwich When you turn to go left onto car park don't, just go straight down the road and he is on the right in a unit. We haven't received our sofa but don't want it now anyway .it was ordered in March. but would like our deposit back
  3. He is definetly working round the corner from where he was in Droitwich if anybody needs to contact him .
  4. We also asked bank but they said we can't do anything to get deposit back from debit card. It makes me so angry how he gets away with it.
  5. His name is Oliver Goode with pony tail . We visited his new place which is suppose to open in a few weeks but he is full of crap . We had his mobile number and was suppose to phone us last Monday with delivery dates yet again which he did not do.
  6. Yes they are opening there we drove up on Saturday. We spoke to the plasterer he said should be open in two weeks.but we want our deposit back they are a waste of space. We don't live in area but been waiting since march for our suite
  7. What do we need to do to get deposit back.? My mum and dad ordered one in March but found out Saturday the store is now closed but supposed to be opening one round the corner.
  8. Can you help us. My mum and dad ordered a suite in March and after numerous phone call s to the store and them not always answering back they still have not had the suite. They paid deposit on there debit card. We went to them on Saturday after trying in the week and the number does not exist, to find out the store is now closed. We do not live in the area . Do you think we will get deposit back and what action can we do.
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