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  1. However, it may be, or at least the only asset of any value. I would say that seeing a bag of bolts on the drive would be an indicator of the lack of valuables inside the house.
  2. But surely clamping an old rust bucket is pointless, and only serves to deprive the owner of its use, rather than be of any use against the debt? As you say, it will come down to the EA, and that is where the argument of how principled they are comes into it. Just to be nosey, but going by your name, am I right to assume you are an EA, or are you being ironic?
  3. Sorry to nitpick, but point 13 (1) does not say that an EA if forced to do one of those things. It does not say that if no-one is home he absolutely must, on pain of death, secure an available vehicle. It says that if the EA wants to take enforce control, then he must do one of the following... etc. It's saying that if he has followed one of the following, then he has lawfully gained control. The EA still has a choice as to whether he takes control or not. If there is an old banger on a drive, he is not forced to take control if no-one answers the door.
  4. I don't get that. I've had a shimmy through the new stuff but can't find that bit. Mind you, my eyes are not what they once were. I always say knowledge is the best weapon, could you give us a pointer to where that is. Ta.
  5. Well it's clear from some posts on here and elsewhere that the new rules are not stopping this. It's a bit like going to a supermarket to buy a tin of beans and being arbitrarily being made to pay for someone's weekly shop!
  6. So why are Jacobs (spit!) still going with the 'third party' forms previously mentioned?
  7. Are you effectively saying that if there is no reply, the bailiff will just pick a nearby car at random and clamp or tow it?
  8. So it's not worth replying any further to this thread? Shame, because I had a similar situation 3 years ago and could have helped. Oh well.
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