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  1. all i can say the law looks after any think to do with banks it was the bank that got the country like is, not the workers ,all the bank around the world were bailed out by the government with taxes paid from the tax payers pocket they still got there jobs and there big Bonuses each year still some of us are still working hard to get right , i am in good mind to pack job in and go on the benefits i work 43 year and in real time done 62.5 years with all the over time i done
  2. right this come out of my pay if my pay go down can this order be stop ,fill form in on debt line pay let over £26 month the court said the debt part my wife how this it my debt in come £1453 month pay out £1431 so how do count work i can pay £100 month
  3. ladaniva

    mbna aktiv

    we write with ref to you account detailed above and you letter date 07/06/2014 as previously advised in our letter date 16/04/2014 we are no obliged to supply the documentation requested however as a gesture of good will we enclose a copy of application and statements of payments this letter date 12/06/2014 can i take any action
  4. ladaniva

    mbna aktiv

    i only have details back to 2009 but the bank rescue package was in 2008 that the year thing what wrong should i ask for card statement for that year aktiv
  5. had same trouble sent letters out the reply was we are not obliged to send this by law
  6. ladaniva

    mbna aktiv

    what a joke 6 years ago got in to trouble just like other people sent all letters to mbna turned down all offers of lower payment sent final response letter - i see you in courts no reply been taken to count by aktiv never had any letters from this company at all , taken to court in the other side of the country had a attachment of earning order made against me went to court fill from in put offer of £10.0 in the court said i had put £100 in the box there was a point in there £100 from my pay, court told this debt is my wife to ??
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