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  1. I understand, on the contrary, for that unlawful direct debit I will not pay them even a penny, they can go and screw themselves. I will do everything in my power to make their "work" (if you can call it as such) as hard as possible.
  2. What do you mean by "thats what they want", am I doing something wrong?
  3. So now I have cancelled the direct debit for Lowell (for Lloyds bank). When I'll come back from a holiday I will start dealing with those sneaky bastards, that direct debit made me mad, cheeky bastards from Lowell.
  4. That's not the case, I started paying for Lloyds only since couple of months since it was still with Lloyds and was defaulted surprisingly very late so it wasn't statue barred, then I got the letter from Lloyds that they sold the debt to Lowell Group so I thought f**k it, let's pay it off and have it settled.
  5. Understood, thank you very much. I really appreciate all the help here, thank you once again!
  6. Thank you all very much for all your help. I will keep this thread updated if something new comes up in my case. Thank you once again
  7. I understand, CCA for the Lloyds and SAR Lloyds. Should I then start repaying the rest to Lloyds directly? How would I make the formal complaint for SB debt to Lowell? What should I do with that direct debit they setup without even asking me for it?
  8. The Lloyds one was basically unfair charges that I refused to pay, they accumulated when I missed one direct debit payment and the charges spiral started.
  9. I still had two years before it would be statue barred, and I was monitoring the debt at Lloyds planning to repay it as soon as I would be able to afford it, then suddenly Lloyds sold it to Lowell I haven't made any payments towards O2, and never acknowledged it to Lowell or replied to them at all. How can I make sure that it is in fact barred?
  10. The Lloyds one was on my file so I wanted it settled but I refuse to pay for O2 which isn't even on my file at all. What steps should I undertake next, I understand I should only communicate with them by writing right?
  11. I have cancelled the direct debit as soon as I noticed it. Nothing has been paid through it. In previous letters they said "As you are already a valued customer of Lowell and are currently repaying your Lloyds account, we would like to offer you the opportunity to set up a new repayment plan for this account too. Then days later I noticed the direct debit as it was the same as my Lloyds DD "LP1 Collections".
  12. Good evening everyone, I recently decided I need to deal with the Lowell Group as they started to pester me too much and started doing unlawful actions?? Let me explain. I had a contract with O2 that started in 2007 and somewhere about April - May 2008 I received a letter from them to pay off my 720£ contract since I was unable to repay due to being unemployed. I left UK to try my luck elsewhere and when I came back to UK again in 2012 I started receiving letters from Lowell again and it continues until today. I had a 120 pounds debt with Lloyds Tsb which was on my credit file and it was sold to Lowell as well, decided I will start paying it off since that wasn't such a large sum so I've setup a direct debit and am currently paying it off through Lowell, now what happened just recently is that Lowell Group has setup a second direct debit WITHOUT any acknowledgment from me!! I cancelled the direct debit immediately since I didn't agree to anything like this. I was ignoring all the letter from them for my O2 contract. What they are saying is "If you don't call us to resolve the matter... We will cancel the repayment arrangement that we have agreed with you (I haven't agreed to anything!!) and pass your details to our legal division (Hamptons Legal). I started reading after this and found out that a direct debit has to be agreed by both parties, how could they setup a direct debit without my consent? Could someone please tell me what would be the best action to undertake? 1. I am not sure if the debt is statue barred What steps should I take next?? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
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