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  1. Thank you so much, but my mind at rest a bit. Still receiving the letters sends me crazy, they're so threatening! At the back of my mind I know they're empty threats but still :S
  2. What the police did was give my partner and I a £90 fine each but i'm not sure where that stands in sort of prosecution or convictions or anything because i've never come across with the police or anything like that. Does the fact that they fined us both change anything? Thanks
  3. Thanks. I've had a look through a few just had a couple questions. Also just wondering if they're telling tesco to claim the full amount is it possible that tesco themselves could take legal action?
  4. Hi ladies and gents. Back in Feb my partner and I were caught stealing in tesco. This is the first and only time and I am fully aware of how low and wrong it is but we were both out of work and to us at the time needing to eat was a reasonable enough excuse to steal. Security stopped us at the bottom of the escalators asking us to come with them. After calling the police out (who were extremely nice) we got to go home and I felt like crap for weeks. we have both received separate letters each for a few months from RLP asking for £253.75 EACH for time and effort etc and we are now getting near to the time they will be getting DCA involved by the looks of things. My questions are, the letters keep talking about them telling tesco to ask for the full amount as we have been ignoring them (in absolutely no position to pay). Does this mean what they are asking for isn't the full amount? If they set the DCAs on us are we likely to go to court or anything like that? Where do I stand? :/ I am totally stressing out over this so any help and advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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