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  1. Not a problem, i just thought i would share my story as its this site and the great peoples information on here that has helped me achieve this result. In fairness they have not battled too hard at all and i didn't even request any refund at all. I merely requested further information and their position on the claims of irresponsible lending and i got a major shock when i received the letter offering me a refund of 50%. Cheers Shaun
  2. Hi All, I just thought i would let you all know of how i have dealt with Payday UK (MEM) and in fairness got a bit of a good result, I was a fool in 2011 and took our payday loans continuously for almost a year and i defaulted on the last payment of £145. I was unaware of this and had moved house!! I have emailed them directly not admitting the debt and requesting a copy of the CCA and also a full summary of accounts. I also questioned what information and been sent to my old property and been divulged to the new tenants. I have too and frowed emails explaining that they should
  3. Right they have just provided me with the documentation they hold at black horse, Literally just a copy of one page of a signed agreement, Stating it is HPA, however there is no mention of the finance being front loaded at all! Also a statement of account from when they dealt with the account before transferring it to DLC. If i am honest the paperwork is worthless in my opinion, It gives very little information at all so unless they can produce something more substantial then i think they may have some problems. What are my best options from here? How do i p
  4. Awesome thankyou very much i just wanted to know in case they term it different on the paperwork. With a SAR request do they have to produce All documents and notes etc? The reason i ask is they were in breach of terms and conditions and they did not provide me with court notice or a notice of reposession. Had i had more common sense i would have dealt with this at the time. regards shaun
  5. Thanks, I look forward to the SAR request then, really stupid question here but what is VT and VS? what does it mean? Thanks again Shaun
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks for the help, i am looking into this as we speak, all the information has now been requested directly from BH rather than DLC. I often wondered how i can still be paying this now when it was a debt in 2007 however they have now kindly informed me this was a "front loaded agreement" so the interest is all loaded to the front of the agreement and i am paying everything from the original price. Is this even possible? I have kindly dropped the Chairman an email Chris Sutton requesting the SAR and i have also sent it via email and i have
  7. Hi Dx100UK, I think they have stung me with VT but i will certainly check that on the paperwork, i have made a request for all paperwork but BH are not dealing i have to deal with DLC capital. I have checked with the county court however and the account still definitely shows as BH so a notice of correction has not been issued correctly. The payments have always remained the same so unfortunately i cannot go down that route. I have no copy of the judgement no statements and no copies of notice of correction as they were all sent to an address i have not resided at since 2007.
  8. Hi Fletch70, Thanks for your response, i have checked with the county court and it appears the account still shows in the name of Black Horse and not the new DCA. My understanding (correct me if i am wrong) is that DLC capital should have served a notice of correction to change the ownership on the account with the court. I have been in contact with possibly 20 different people in numerous places and they all give conflicting information. I have also requested a full and detailed copy of all CCA and documents and they say this can take up to a month. The reason for this i
  9. Hi this is my first post so i apologise if this is not done correctly . I was a bit of a fool in 2005 and took a car on finance that i couldn't afford, the car was repossessed and a CCJ issues in 2007, there was also an attachment of earnings completed at this point and it has been paid every month since to black horse. I have not heard anything regarding this account for a few years now and i was only thinking yesterday i wonder what the balance is on the account. I contacted black horse and they advised me that the debt was sold to a debt collection agency in oc
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