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  1. I was constantly being underpayed by various amounts 2months ago was no exception. i work as a p/t community carer & a sizeable part of my income is set aside petrol. I was outraged when my monthly payslip came & I'd been under payed by £210 which left me £116 2live on for the month. I begged my old manager to look into it for me even though she'd been promoted she did & a few days later it was paid into my bank. I didn't receive another wageslip though. Since then I've been on sick due to stress & the next months payslip was unreadable as all the print was over lapped I did think id received extra but assumed it was because I'd been sent a new tax code. This months wageslip came today & £210 deducted from my sick pay saying "advance" which now leaves me £35p/w to run home, child & car on! Wage dept said it was a blip & id been payed twice & now it had been deducted. I told wage department as id been regularly under payed an overpayment never crossed my mind. Is there anything I can do & are they allowed to take my sick pay without notifying me?
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