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  1. My son just finished college, he tried to claim JSA and was told he couldn't because officially he is still enrolled in college until September, i have read about a few people saying the same thing but because he is going to uni in September housing benefit still consider him a student and I still get my housing benefit.
  2. I didn't tell my gp to prescribe me anything he made that decision by himself years before I had to go to the assessment.
  3. Begging your pardon but people with severe anxiety are usually prescribed benzodiazepines i was only suggesting you take them to go because part of the reason I got support group was because I took benzodiazepines to go to my assessment which the decision maker said I shouldn't have had to go to because I should have got another paperbased assessment like I did on my first claim.
  4. I take it you are on benzodiazepines for your panic attacks just ask your doctor if you can take a little extra and go and get over and done with it will save you a lot of stress.
  5. Some of those advisors don't know what they are talking about I get esa with no problems and I'm not at deaths door,you should do the MR you might be one of the lucky ones that wins if you don't you can go to tribunal some people wait nearly a year for tribunal and in that time you will be paid esa assessment rate and wouldn't need to go to the job centre or workroutes.
  6. Don't give in about 65 percent of people win at tribunal,you probably will fail the MR because only about 20 percent of people win them(but you could be one of the lucky ones)the government are supposed to be changing that but I wouldn't hold my breath. As for what you have been told about UC is true once you go on that you can't go back on esa so if you could manage just until you MR comes back that would be a lot easier than UC because you would need to start your claim all over again and go for another assessment but even if you do need to claim UC you will still get your backpay from
  7. Yes wrag still exists,you won't get any paperwork for your MR did you tell them you would be sending in any new evidence and did you request the assessors report?
  8. That depends if you change the way that you normally see them,you said they were treating you like crap how often did you see them and how did you know their personal circumstances because obviously they will be trying to work out who reported them.
  9. I'm sure it will be fine,i know the feeling every second monday i am the same but my bank doesn't pay in until 2-20am but it is worth staying up to make sure it goes in,who we would phone at that time in the morning if it didn't go in i don't know lol.
  10. Yes thanks Matt it's sorted until next may.I get paid on a Tuesday and my payment is already processed on the Friday so that's 2 full working days before so yours should be put on the system on the 27th so you only need to get past tomorrow without any news and you should get your payment ok.Just looked at the calendar it should be put on the system tomorrow because the 30th is a Monday.
  11. Yes it I lost my esa because the so called nurse lied and ignored evidence after she pretended to be sympathetic towards me when the decision maker called to tell me 0 points I told him what she had left out he then read my evidence which he hadn't read either he was just going by her report he reinstated my esa if he hadn't called and sent a letter I would have lost it altogether.Unfortunately it just depends who you get to assess you.
  12. You only get protection if the DWP transfer you over when you are on esa,if you are found fit for work you are moving to UC from esa because you wouldn't be entitled to esa anymore so you lose the protection.
  13. Essexmatt is worse off because he isn't getting the same amount of rent he was getting on esa because of his circumstances.
  14. Moaninglisa is only posting to have a go at the sick and disabled especially people with anxiety and depression,best to just to ignore her.
  15. You could be accepted for esa I am in support group for anxiety and depression.
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