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  1. Hi All,


    Really need advice/help here as I am worried about the following:


    I have 2 children in their teens who live with my evil ex. I happily paid my CSA payments (better/easier than dealing with my ex) for many years, about 12 now. I also loaned her my half of the equity of our house saving her about £24,000 in interest rates in the past few years (she has to give me the money back when the kids are 18). I've had good jobs in the past so paid anything from £800-600 a month to her. Naturally she did everything possible to stop me seeing my kids but the law doesn't care about that. Being a lazy bitch she also chose to work p/t despite moving 90 miles away to be near her parents for support.


    Anyway, I left employment about 18 months ago to work on my own and so stopped paying my CSA payments (I'd over paid in the past by 9 months anway). Its been very very hard for me and what I have earnt has been mostly what its cost me to acquire business. Effectively I've not been earning.


    My ex decided, despite knowing nothing much about my lifestyle that I am 'living beyond my means' and am obviously on the fiddle. Basically she wants money and won't pull her own finger out despite working p/t. My wife has a good job and so we can survive ok on her wages although this is not ideal. So, off we go to court and, cutting a long story short, the court said 'Provide us with just about every finiancial document you have' or we're going to (sorry for the language) **** you over massively. I said that's fine although I objected to my ex having full sight of all our financial affairs but there's nothing I can do.


    So, what worries me is that the court could now say and, indeed, are intimating 'Ok, thanks for this but we've been through all you details and think you should pay anyway' even though I am not earning and therefore don't have to pay anything and despite me conforming to all requests for information and doing exactly as they and the CSA have said. I've said, on their recommendation, that I'll make an offer to pay some money but what really scares me is that they seem to be able to ignore CSA rules and do what they think and, at the moment, they think I should pay ALL the payments from the last 18 months as arrears plus future payment amount to not far off £1000 a month!!! Whilst I am not earning a penny!!! And despite me proving it!!!:mad2:


    Can I fight this in court with my own lawyer if I need too because I feel totally against the wall on this. £1000 a month would be a killer for us and, quite simply, against the law (it seems). There is no proof of me having some hidden income as I don't have one!! I wish I bloody did.


    Any help much appreciated.

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