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  1. Thank you Slick, will keep you posted!
  2. Sorry another update, My sister just received a letter back from La fitness today with a copy of her contract and direct debit mandate. The letter states it is a 'web contract' to start with, but this was done over the phone. We have read through the membership agreement and they are requesting (before solicitor fees etc.) around £100 more than the contract is worth. There is no where on this contract that states my sister has agreed to anything and definitely hasn't signed anything. I don't know if it's important or not but also does not include a date this was set up. Does anyone have any
  3. Hi Slick Just a quick update on where we’re at. A letter was sent by recorded delivery to LA Fitness on 3 July requesting a copy of the gym agreement and payment mandate. This was received and signed for by them. We have since had no correspondence from them at all. However we have received another letter from ARC Europe. This time stating the following: “Despite our previous correspondence, we understand that the above balance remains outstanding. A County Court Claim can now be prepared against you and can be issued in Northampton County Court. If this matter is passed to our solicitors f
  4. Thanks for your help Slick, we will definitely send a letter to LAF requesting a copy of the agreement and payment mandate and in the meantime she will contact her bank too. Will keep you posted!
  5. Hi slick Thanks for your reply. The gym is LA Fitness and membership commenced in February. Since February the only correspondence she has had, has been through one letter stating that she needed to re-instate her DD of £33. The next letter came from ARC Europe saying that she owed £624.80. As for giving the gym her bank details, these were supplied over the phone. Hope that helps?
  6. Everything was done over the phone, so I'm assuming a signature wouldn't be needed?! Apologies, I mentioned that she didn't sign anything in the original post - I got confused.
  7. Hi To cut a long story short, my sister was mis-sold a gym membership by an employee of a well-known gym. She was told, over the phone, that she would only have to pay a £1 joining fee and that would allow her to use the gym on a pay-as-you-go basis and that she could cancel this whenever she liked. I might also like to add that she was never read out any Ts & Cs (essentially because this contract didn’t actually exist), made aware of a cooling off period and never signed any paperwork. This employee was a ‘friend’ which is why my sister trusted this information.
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