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  1. This thread only goes to show how confusing this whole thing is.
  2. So what incentive is there for me to pay? Should i let it run its course for 2 more years?
  3. Thankyou and potential creditors would not be able to see this on my credit report?
  4. I canot post an image but the debts are owned by RBS (mint) and Capital One
  5. Please see post above. After the 6th year is the default still visible and does it still leave an imprint on my credit score? I feel like I'm being punished for a a silly mistake i made at Uni and is a relatively small amount of debt
  6. 1 with Mint (RBS) for £1090 defaulted in 2010 last adknolwedgement about 2 n half years ago 1 with Capital 1 for £210 defaulted in 2012 last adknowledgement about 1 and half years ago No PPI as far as I'm aware. I think both were passed onto debt agencies.
  7. Good afternoon, This is my first post so apologies if my etiquette is out! I have recently looked to improve my credit score. My history in the last 4 years is pretty good (2/3 late payments aside). However on my credit file I have 2 defaults (one is 4 years old for £1096, one 2 years old for £210). I'd like to clear these defaults off my account. I cannot afford to pay both straight up and have looked into a partial settlement. Can someone please advice me on the best approach to handling this debt? Is a partial settlement worth it? What will happen to the debt after 6 y
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