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  1. Thank you for your advices. Finally, the garage manager drove my car somewhere and reset them. He still says the passenger side ABS (wheel) sensor has problem. When abrupt braking is done, the ABS light would be on. I have experienced ABS, and never found its light on. The battery was changed one year ago, it should be O.K. I don't know why they disconnected the battery. He says it is for MOT. I have never seen any MOT check would disconnect the battery before, otherwise they had my radio key.
  2. When my wife drove my LR discovery for MOT in a big garage chain, all lights were off on the dash before MOT. But after MOT, ABS, HDC, TC and brake system lights are on, never off, radio also is not powered on. MOT failed for ABS light. I asked them to reset all lights. They said they followed the procedure, they are not responsible. Who should I complain to? Thanks in advance Kai
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