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  1. I am going to mail my rejection of a used Car to the dealer early next week, I am claiming for a full refund and my part-ex back. The last paragraph of my letter gives the dealer the address of the service station where the car is stored and tells him that he has 7 days to respond and remove the vehicle to avoid daily storage charges. I really don't know what yo to with the logbook (v5 document) do I keep it in the car for him or retain it until he agrees a refund? If he removes the vehicle but then I don't hearfrom him, what would happen then? Also I've not yet informed my insurers as I dint
  2. Thanks once again Bankfodder, just a couple more little questions before I leave you in peace 1, as the v5 document (logbook) is now in my name, do I leave that with them in the vehicle for when /if they collect the vehicle? 2, should I contact my insurers and cancel my policy or would it be wise to keep paying until the car is refunded? (I am thinking about the cost involved of cancelling my policy 3, would the vehicle report that I have had done be permissible in court if things couldn't be resolved? or would they require a proper costly technicians report, but at that
  3. thanks very much Bankfodder, i fully intend to follow this through even though im having to borrow cars to get me to work! The car is on the premises of the garage that undertook the vehicle report for me and they will give me a call to remove if it becomes in their way. So are you saying that my letter should include the garages address and that they need to go there to remove it? i wouldn't want them to try and question the garage about their findings as this would not be fair, could i have the car transported my my home address and to ask the dealer to pick it up from there? I am awa
  4. Hi, I purchased a car just over 3 weeks ago and it has been took back to the dealer for a few snags (its covered by a 360 day warranty that I got no paperwork for!) one of the snags was dashlight errors for seatbelts and airbags, the dealer told me that his diagnostic couldn't read a fault, so he took it somewhere else and their machine came up with an unknown fault and that he would have to take my car to the main dealers but it would take a week to get booked in, in the meantime I noticed 3 connector blocks hanging right down under the glove box, these were meant to be held up by fir-tree sl
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