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  1. Yes. I emailed Vodafone web relations. Quoted the wrt135 -cag forum in the subject line. I included a link to the thread as well.
  2. Strange. I emailed yesterday and received no automated response ?
  3. Would this help in any way considering the matter in question is in regards to an account that was active roughly 3 years ago ?
  4. I don't know who Lee is ? I decided to do it via email as it all gets saved as a conversation and will be easy to provide if need be.
  5. After reading some similar situations I decided to email them. Dear sir/madam I ask that no further contact be made concerning the above account unless you can provide sufficient evidence as to my liability for the alleged debt in question. This includes in particular, but is not limited to the following. 1. The original contract and any terms and conditions that applied to the account at the time the contract commenced and any subsequent variation for the duration of the account until the termination. 2. A complete breakdown of the alleged debt in question, including specific details of any fees/charges levied by any other agency in respect of this account and the breakdown of said fees/charges and what each relates to and what date said fees/charges were levied 3. Copies of any notice of assignment, default notices or enforcement notices that were sent with a copy of any proof of postage. 4. Termination notices. 5. All computer records pertaining to this account. Any further contact made on your part without the above will not be acknowledged and will receive no response. I received this reply today. Thank you for your correspondence. Before I can proceed and help you in full, please can you confirm the following for security purposes: First line of your address, including postcode and your date of birth. I hope this is ok and in the meantime I await to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Alice Customer Services Lowell Group. They have not provided any of the information I asked for. Surely the they don't need me to confirm my address or date of birth ? The reference number they have assigned me should be sufficient ?
  6. Thanks for the speedy replies guys. Quote to the from the letter: Unless you call us and together we agree a repayment amount we will undertake a detailed review of your account. This entails us looking at your credit report to assess your financial commitments and then looking to obtain your employment details. We will use this information to decide the next course of action which will be to use the court or to send your account to a debt collector who may visit you at your home. That's exactly how that paragraph is on the letter.
  7. I can't remember the exact ins and outs as it was like three years ago. There was a problem with the phone. They refused to sort it out. I refused to carry on the payments and cancelled my direct debit to them. There's no doubt I owe Vodafone money, but the amount Lowell claim I owe is ridiculous. I'm scared to ignore this letter. It says if I've not made contact within 14 days they will look at my credit report, find out who my employer is and use court and pass my account with them onto a debt collector.
  8. Hi guys. If this is in the wrong place feel free to love it to the relevant place. I've had 3 letters from Lowell saying I owe £253 from a previous Vodafone phone bill. I know exactly what they're talking about. Its a phone bill I cancelled payment on due to a dispute with vodafone roughly 3 years ago. I've backtracked my payments to Vodafone for this contract and it was a £15 a month contract which would have been for a maximum of 24 months. I paid at least 12 months of it so where Lowell are getting £253 owed is unknown. I've just received a 4th letter from Hamptons legal saying I need to contact them otherwise they will use court to send my account to a debt collector. Where do I stand on this ? Do I have to pay up ? They're offering a 40% reduction if I contact them. Surely if they're confident the money they claim I owe is accurate and they're entitled to it they wouldn't be offering any sort of discount. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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