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  1. there were five in total, all of which were credit cards and yes the original debtor information is on the forms
  2. Hi BRIGADIER2JCS To be honest it isnt the last six years I would have any doubt about as I have been paying until quite recently. It was from the default date to when I first started paying, that period could have been in access of six years.. I am registered with Experian and Equifax, neither go back long enough to even show the debt, this will have defaulted over 14 years ago, and even if I did get the actual default date, I would still be non the wiser as to when I made any payments, this is because between the year 2000 and now, I have changed banks three times, moved seven times and up to recently havent known if I was coming or going
  3. Thank You Silverfox very helpful indeed - re the debt company, in all the years I have had the pleasure of their company, they have never given me more than a few days silence if for any reason they thought there was an issue wth my account - is there anything they can do, if I just ignore then from here on in, afterall thery can't put me under default again can they?
  4. Hello The Consumer Forum, I hope someone can give me some advice regarding what to do next with Ativ Kapital. (I apologise in advance for the long question) When I split up with my wife in 2000 I must admit to not looking after my finances, consequently quite a few non secured loans went into default, I know I had made sporadic payments over the years, usually after they had found me at one of my many moves over the folowing years. I had started making regular payments (5 debts x £15.00 each) in 2007 - 8 and had been paying this right up to last year. However after speaking with an advisor I was told that the debt may be Statute Barred - although I have no real idea if there was a gap of 6 years to warrant this. as usual I waited until I got the call asking for a higher monthly payment and thats when I said I was stopping payments as the debt was SB, the lady said I had made a cheque payment in 2005 and because of the other payments that I wasn't able to claim that. Regardless, I cancelled the DDM's and heard nothing for a year, no calls, no letters, other than the statement in October. Now all of a sudden they are back on the phones trying to harrass my family, we have actually barred their number as it was ringing sometimes 5 to 6 times a day, as early as 7:30 in the morning and as late as 8pm. does anyone know why they would have held off trying to recover the debt after telling them the debt was SB to then start a year later a vigerous telephone campaign? Do you think the debt was SB and they are just trying it on? Has anyone had a similar experience?
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