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  1. Wondering if anyone can help with this? My Dad passed away suddenly last month, he was the sole account holder with British Gas. My sister called to get it put into my Mums name, howeve, they have also carried over an outstanding balance of over £500. Can they do this? Surely they should be seeking payment from Dads estate? I didn't think they could transfer a debt to another person? Mum was never on the account, it was a sole account, not a joint one.
  2. Well - everything has been quiet for a long time in my fight against Swift - they seem to have gone VERY quiet and are typically avoiding all questions. Just fired a letter to them today asking for Accrual Statement, Charging Order documents, underwriting documents etc Will let you all know what happens -
  3. I've just sent a letter with those exact questions in it. Wonder what type of reply I'll get?!
  4. Sparkie - is there a way you could email me the proof you have that Mr White said the rate is governed by Libor?
  5. I will send every last bit of paperwork to the FSA - but is there any way of getting a quicker resolution. DO we think this debt is unenforceable so just stop paying? Should I ask for a copy of the underwriting sheet? Shall I point out every error they have made in a complaint to them and then anyone else that will listen. My friends are being nailed by this company with repayments of over £800 a month which they simply cannot afford, I need to help them,
  6. More paperwork SAR Response.pdf Settlement Req 8May09.pdf Settlement Response 31May07.pdf Charges Refund Request.pdf Charges Request Reply.pdf
  7. This is all the paperwork I have so far - should I be chasing them for anything else? I believe the loan was in essence mis-sold as the salesman said he was from Ocean Finance and it was sold under those pretense, but I am looking for any whatsoever to get this loan written off or get back a great deal of charges & interest that have been applied. You'll probably need to zoom out of the pdf files and they are all watermarked as I only found an old scanner that doesn't work on Windows 7 - so had to use a trial programme. Rate Increase 17July2008.pdf Rate Increase 21May07.pdf Ra
  8. I have done the SAR to swift and I'll scan the reponse in when I get a working scanner this week. I'll also send a SAR to Ocean Finance. What are you aiming to do to Swift - for me, I'd like to see this loan written off and all payments made to it returned to my friends cause they have been treated like dogs. Then if I need to lobby every politician, financial regulation group, fraud squads etc - get these idiots closed down for destroying lives.
  9. Sparkie It's not my loan - I've been asked to look into it by good friends as I've already got them a fortune back on bank, credit card and other loan charges. They got this loan by calling ocean finance who arranged for a guy to go see them at their address and sign up for the loan. They put a charging order on the house that I'm currently trying to get a copy from the land registry but other than that, I'm not entirely sure where to go with this one as they've already rejected my application for the return of outlandish fees. I do have a copy of what has been paid. They h
  10. Alright, I wrote to swift and got a copy of the payments made to my account and their charges. I complained and guess what - got nothing. [EDIT] Swift Agreement Front picture by zincoxide1979 - Photobucket Swift Agreement Back picture by zincoxide1979 - Photobucket I've read somewhere about asking for an underwriting sheet etc. It's important to note that this agreement was made in Scotland. So far, they've paid back £28,000 of the £55k and have just been quoted a redemption figure of £62k!!!!!
  11. Well, I've fired off a letter about the charges and have received a response saying they will investigate and write back to us by 24th September. As for the whole agreement, I've gotten my friend to head to CAB and ask to be put in touch with their pro-bono barristers as I don't believe it is legally enforceable. In the meantime, I'm getting a copy of the charging order from the land registry and all other paperwork to check for inconsistencies. So far, all I have is the loan agreement form and a copy of my friends credit record showing substantial differences - if anyone can point me in
  12. Great succinct answer - thank you. Now I can get on with trying to get back the charges from his current business account!
  13. I'm helping out a friend who owns a small business to claim back his personal bank charges, but I then found this forum and am going to try to get back charges on his current business account. However, after speaking to him tonight, he was a Director for a Scottish company until it was liquidated in March 2006. At that point in time, he and his wife had become personal Guarantors for an overdraft of £12.5k with Lloyds TSB. They missed a couple of payments and the debt was sold to Wescot who they paid off in full. When the business was liquidated so was the bank account which they have no
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