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  1. Thanks Silverfox and Ericsbrother. Have just got home from work and double checked the letter, they do actually reference NGP?! Am now unsure if the idiot security guard didn't know or was trying to throw me off the scent earlier as when I mentioned NCP he got quite flustered? As it stands, I don't know whether to drop a line to the park manager tomorrow and discuss the case, without disclosing any info, see if she wants to get it dropped or me to report to MoJ and the local press? Thanks again for all advice, it is awful knowing these people exist and operate in this immoral and illegal manner.
  2. Received a letter from Drydens today stating their client was discontinuing the claim against me, I'm over the moon and want to thank everyone again for their help, special thanks to Andy most of all.
  3. Great news July!! I was only thinking about your case the other day and how you were doing. You'll sleep better tonight
  4. Thank dx, I'd be grateful if you could link to the specific threads you mention or which area I'd find them Thanks again Ps Pat?
  5. Hi dx Isn't that admitting that I owe the money and kind of going back on everything I've stated as a defence up to this point? Thanks
  6. Hi all Having looked through the forms and these forums for input, I'm unsure if I should state that I do not agree the case should be passed to small claims court, go for mediation (in the hope they'll settle/stop pursuing), or pursue any other avenue? Any input would be great and appreciated as always.
  7. Thanks Ganymede I only had a very brief scan of it during my lunch break so will go through it on my detail tonight. Really appreciate your help.
  8. Okay, today I received a letter from the court stating: "It appears this case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track. It you believe this is not the appropriate track, you must complete box C1 on the Small Claims Form (N180) and explain why." Could anyone please advise on the next step with this? I'm reluctant to go through small claims as I feel any debt is SB, however it seems the court don't think so? Thanks in advance to all.
  9. The court didn't tell me I needed to send 3 copies either, hence the advice!! Yep, send 3 copies of everything. The court will keep a copy, you will have a stamped copy returned (effectively a receipt), the last one will be sent to the claimant by the court.
  10. Hi July, It seems okay to me from what you've posted, although I'm sure when it is received by the court there will be a response from the claimant, but at least then you will be able to have a more structured response to their comments. Remember that you need to provide a copy of the N244 form for the court, the claimant and yourself. I only did 1 copy the first time and it was returned to me!! Good luck and keep all news posted on here.
  11. Sounds like a plan. I think the onus of proof is on the claimant, however if you can prove you didn't make payment then it strengthens your case
  12. Ps, I know how stressful this can be, but you are dealing with it and need to look after yourself.
  13. Done, first class and recorded. Fingers crossed the reply will put an end to the matter. Thanks again for all help and input, I will post when I have a response.
  14. I would add that to point 1, about you not making payments and that you can back up your claim via bank statements (if you can). Some more experienced forum members may need to advise you on the rules around if they had attempted contact at your current address/last known address Have you/had you moved much since 2007?
  15. Hi July, I think maybe add to point 1 as to why you think it is statute barred in order to emphasise your point. Have they provided and proof of contact or attempts to context you?
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