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  1. I purchased samsung RSA1RTPN from currys online and got it installed on 8/06/2014. From the day one we had the motor noise for 15 mins every two hours or so. Initially we thought this had to settle down. Raised about the issue with samsung and got the engineer visit for 19th June 2014. When the engineer visited did not do anything other than suggesting that If I am not happy I can exchange or ask for a different model. I did played the recorded version of the sound the fridge was making. He did said sometimes older fridges does make this sound. Spoke with samsung centre on 20th June and they said there is no issue with fridge. Spoke with currys on this and they said I can replace with a different model fridge but at that moment I was not sure which one to purchase. Today (26/06/2014 ) I had a decision with the model and called currys. To my surprise currys started asking the EN number and did not had one from samsung. Customer service from currys was not helpful at all. He did said that I cannot have the fridge exchange with I being not happy. There should be any fault accepted by samsung otherwise I cannot exchange. Customer service office was not even ready to explain from distance regulations, trading standards guide perspective at all. Always the customer service officer was saying that If I had plugged in the fridge I cannot replace it. How silly is that ? And I need to keep the packaging. It was knowhow guys who came for installation and took the packaging. So what are my rights ? Tomorrow I am going to call samsung and have a word with them. Let me know If the customer is not happy about the product for xyz reasons. what is the return policy for fridge-freezer ? Thanks in Advance for your help
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