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  1. Thanks. I'm not really THAT worried but, as I said, just very thorough. The whole subject is fascinating and this site and its contributors have made me feel much better already. Well, yes.... but the onus is on YOU to prove that they belong to someone else, NOT on the bailiff to prove they belong to you. Bailiffs would be a stress, but there is no way I would let them in under any circumstances so it is almost a moot argument anyway. Always assuming THEY conform to the rules and guidelines of course.... and I REALLY WOULD trust them to do that!
  2. Yes, I've done a Trust search and there are no CCJ's listed but, as I say, all my defaults were around eight years ago so the judgements would almost certainly have been removed by now anyway.
  3. Well my worry is that now I am starting again in the UK and once I show up as being here, there will be bailiffs knocking on the door. Personally I am up for the fight, especially after what I have learned here, and I wouldn't care if it just concerned me. But I will be living with my girlfriend and our kids and I don't want to bring down a load of hassle on them and risk their possessions being seized. She is fully aware of the situation and very supportive but I guess I'm just the kind of person who like to cover all bases and consider everything fully. And, no, I have no way of proving I was ever abroad, or anywhere else for that matter, for the last eight years. I having been living "off-radar" working for cash-in-hand and living with friends and family. There has been absolutely nothing in my name (bank account, rental agreement, vehicle, even a mobile phone) for eight years. In effect I have not existed.
  4. Thanks for the prompt advice Andy. It seems pretty clear cut then, since it's there in black and white in the Limitations Act. Yet, despite this, there are many comments on this and other boards where people claim that judgements have no time limit and can be actioned even after six years with "a further visit to the court". Of course, it's difficult to know the accuracy of such claims without details of what this further visit might entail. One of the first things I learned from this site was that what the law says and what happens in the real world, particularly where county courts are concerned, can be two very different scenarios, I'd be interested to hear from anybody who actually has concrete experience of actions being attempted under a judgement older than six years. Thanks
  5. I apologise if there is already a thread on this. I thought there MUST be but couldn't find anything. Is there any guidance available on where to complain if I believe an airline is not conforming to the Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations by charging excessing credit card fees? I often use Aegean Airlines to travel between Greece and the UK but I notice they are still charging £7 per booking for any payment card other than their own when all other airlines, as far as I know, have brought their charges into line with the new regulations and charge around 2% of the cost of the booking. Even Ryanair have conformed so, if even THEY can't circumvent the new rules then they MUST be pretty much unbeatable. I have contacted Aegean about this but just received a standard email saying what an amazing and great value company they are with a link to their booking engine. How do I go about complaining? Do I have to have actually been 'caught' by this, i.e. actually made a booking? Does the fact that they are a foreign company matter? I would think not as I am trying to buy a ticket while in the UK, in sterling and originating from London.
  6. Hi. I've been lurking for a while and found loads of useful information about CCJs but nothing that could answer my particular questions. My situation is that I believe there are several CCJ's issued against me but all must have been more than six years ago as they do not show up on a search of Trust Online, so have been removed from the public record (if they exist at all). I left the address where I incurred the debts (several unpaid Credit Cards and a bank overdraft) eight years ago and actually went abroad, without giving any forwarding addresses to anyone. I have been out of the UK for eight years with no contact whatsoever from any of the companies or from any court, so I have no idea if these CCJs even exist, but I assume they must, surely. I am aware of the Statue Barred rules and fully understand that any debts which ARE covered by CCJ will NOT fall under SB. I am just worried that these CCJs could still be enforced in the future and yet I cannot find any details of them or if they even exist at all. My specific questions are: 1) Does anybody have experiences of credit card companies or banks NOT seeking a CCJ for a defaulted debt? It's worth a shot, I suppose, but highly unlikely. Maybe as there was no record of me in the UK and thus very little chance of collecting, they might not even have bothered. 2) Is it true that there is no way whatsoever for me to trace these supposed CCJs without knowing the judgement numbers/dates etc.? It seems even the courts themselves do not keep a record after six years and only the original claimant (or the assignee if the debt has been sold) would even know they exist. For obvious reasons I will NOT be contacting the companies concerned. 3) What does it take for a 6+ year old CCJ to be "re-activated", if that's the correct term? I have read on here that "unusual" circumstances have to be demonstrated in another visit to court before a 6 year old CCJ can be actioned. Does this happen often? Any examples? Would the fact that I have been totally untraceable in the UK for 8 years be any sort of mitigation as to why they have not tried to enforce the judgement(s) yet? I think that covers my concerns for now. Let me know if I need to provide any further information and a big THANKS in advance.
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