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  1. Hi unclebulgaria67 Thanks for your advise again. I think that's good idea.. Thansk again
  2. Hi unclebulgaria67 Thanks for your advise. Any more advise expert ?
  3. .best2serve.com/files/mail_attachments/wex_conditions_GBR_eng.pdf
  4. Hi All, first of all i would like to thanks for help. My HP Extended warranty via company call best2serve. Please find the Terms and Conditions below. I remember when I took this I select Accidental Damage Protection. but my worring is clause where it say (iii) neglect, improper use( Limitations of Service). I am looking for an advise will they be consider case as a neglect, improper use because my 20 months daughter was palying in living room and me and wife we both were in kitchen. Thanks for your help
  5. Hi guys & Gals Im not sure this is the right forum but here goes, I have HP Extended warranty on my laptop from last three years. My 20 months daughter was palying in living room me and wife we both were in kitchen; my daughter accidentely dropped it down while she was playing and it bonced its way to the bottom, After i picked it up and saw there is damage on right hand side and also where is my screen hooks it's come out from screen. I am not sure Here is the policy for my insurance and to what i can read and understand , Is that i should be covered, I use my laptop every day for work and personal. I need laptop I am not in that situation buy a new laptop Limitations of Service: • Service does not include assistance that involves application programming, isolation of coding errors, performance consulting, the provision of peripheral drivers, or data recovery. • If a failure of the Product has already occurred at the time of Purchase of this Service, such failure will not be covered under Service. • HP does not provide support for Product to which unauthorized modifications have been made , or if Customer does not allow HP to make HP-requested or factory-specified changes. If HP determines that Service is made more difficult because of a non-qualified device connected to or installed in the Product, Customer must temporarily remove such device at Customer’s risk and expenses to allow HP to deliver Service. If Service is made more difficult because of such products, HP will charge Customer for the extra work at HP's standard service rates. • Unless otherwise specified in the Service description, Service does not include the provision, return or replacement, and installation by HP of consumables, user replaceable parts, batteries, and maintenance kits. • HP is not obliged to provide Service needed because of: (i) use of media, supplies and other products not approved by the manufacturer; (ii) inadequate site conditions or maintenance by Customer ; (iii) neglect, improper use, fire or water damage, electrical disturbances, transportation by Customer, work or modification by people other than HP personnel or authorized representatives, natural disasters or other causes beyond HP's control; or (iv) inability of non-HP products in Customer's environment to correctly process, provide or receive date data (i.e., representations for month, day, and year), and to properly exchange date data with the Product. • Customer’s failure to activate this Agreement and the Product to be supported within ten (10) days of the purchase of the Service may result in a delayed delivery of service. If anyone thinks they can help then please do, Thanks
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