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  1. Hello, I'm pretty new to this kind of thing but I'm in a serious mess. I've read up about what options are available to me regarding this debt of £5000 due to redundancy at work and I need to know how I can tackle it in a proper manner. I have led an underprivilaged life so when I was accepted with littlewoods I did go on a mad spending spree but was always able to keep up my payments, at the time of redundancy I only owe'd alittle over £2000 and in recent months they have added interest on buy now pay later purchases which have evidently pushed my debt upto a huge £5000, I am now overdrawn with them by about £50 due to penalty charges ect. I am since claiming benefits which due to my age is a minor £140 a fortnight which is barely enough to sustain an average lifestyle. I have tried to reason with them over the phone by explaining my situation but they insist that I need to pay a minimum of £165 on a temporary repayment plan, they have since passed this debt onto a DCA and they are now requesting the amount again but I insist I am unable to pay so they suggested I should get a form with my in-goings and outgoings on and submit it to them by post. I receive phone calls daily requesting money and paperwork almost every week or so. I have contacted a debt charity and they are sending me the forms I can use to submit to littlewoods but I have no idea what I'm doing or how things are going to pan out. I have always been quite good with money and have never really had a skidmark on my credit score untill now, because of the gravity of the debt I am scared this will goto court and things will get harder and evidently cripple my credit score in the long run. I need some advice and assistance with this matter if anybody is willing to help me, I would really appreciate the advice, obviously not having done anything like this before I am left shaken and worried about the outcome and I feel like I have no support from littlewoods considering my circumstances. Redundancy is an unforseen occurrance and they share no sympathy or empathy to my cause. Please help!
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