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  1. I studied pc and network engineering and had planned to build it myself but before the components arrived I was attack one night and took a knife to the hand which limited motor function while it was recovering, So I was unable to do the build myself at the time.
  2. I have gotten my pc back today in full working order after a 3rd party pc engineer fixed and repaired everything. However pc world have stopped responding to me in regards to my refund hopefully more news to follow soon. This has been ongoing now from April 16th when pc world first damaged the pc but at least I have the pc back today and in full working condition. Hopefully pcworld will respond asap in regards to the refund for the costs as the damage done to the motherboard was not covered by the warranty due to pcworlds stupidity. Turns out pcworld installed the power supply upside down when the ran the original overnight stress test and drilled a hole in the motherboard to make the antec h2o cooler fit on the amd 9590 processor *facepalm* Engineers report and invoice has been sent to pcworld.
  3. Yes pc world refunded the £50, The ceo emailed me moments ago putting everything in writing. Once I have a 3rd party engineer fix the computer they are going to pay/reimburse me to entire fee, which included the payment due for building.
  4. Just an update for anyone who has this issue again with pcworld newtownabbey: I emailed the ceo this morning, and posted 3 letters to the relevant department. Within 1 hours I got a call from the ceo or one of his executives, He confirmed that the pcworld tech team are not fully qualified pc enginners and the build service should never have been offered as they are not trained to do so. As a result he has advised me to collect the pc from the store, Take it to a 3rd party engineer to get a quote to fix the computer to 100% and he will reimbursh/pay the charges to fix the computer.
  5. Thanks very much for the Sales of service act information, Im going to include that in the email and letters. I Had chose suitable components for the machine build as this was also confirmed by the pc technician at pc world. Im hopeful with the info supplied so far that pcworld ceo will rectify this atrocity
  6. Would it not be better to contact him via recorded delivery incase I need to escalate this to court action tho?
  7. Thanks Dx, I just got the postal address to the ceo and I'm going to write up a letter today and post it off. Fingers crossed especially as I was self employed working from home and been unable to earn an income now for 5 weeks cause of this, As my pc was required to earn a living.
  8. I purchased all the components for a brand new pc from ebuyer. Pcworld agreed to build the computer and charged me £50. When I took the pc home I noticed they had not installed windows that was supplied and once i did, I was alerted to the case fans not working correctly. This lead to the grahpics card overheating so I returned it to pc world and they agreed to repair it. They ran a stress test on the graphics card all night then rang me saying 'opps power supply damaged now' they agreed to send away for a free replacement as the component is only 2 months old and still within warranty. I asked if they had fixed the fan issue before they ran the stress test overnight to which they refused to answer. 4 weeks later I get an email telling me that when they went to install the new power supply that the motherboard has now been damaged. I went to the store and the collegue there said they would send it off for a free replacement if Ii give proof of purchase as the damage happened while they where working on it. however Since that Ive received several phone calls telling me that they refuse to fix the computer and if its not collected it might be left outside the store as its not their problem. Anyone any advice as to what to do as all i want is for them to fix my pc that went in with an overheating graphics card and a fan issue that they obviously fail to install correctly during the original contract. They have admitted breaching the original contract of building the pc and refunded me the £50 charge but considering they have damaged the power supply and now the motherboard Ive no idea what to do since they are refusing to fix the problems that they've caused.
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