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  1. mugs think im going to ring them and put it strat loss the Debt and the default or we go to court for criminal proceedings and the stress I went through ill let you know how i get on
  2. think i would pay them a f£&@inf Visit if thay did that to me, i had welcome finance constantly ringing me so i got some revenge by ordering pizzas Chinese you name it to their offices then called them and asked if thay liked there food lmfao!!! the calls stop lol
  3. Ok how can you be default by a DCA when it dose not exist. think they should wipe all defaults that where placed on credit files during these dates
  4. [ think I'm going to have to mate I'm not a bad payer now just did not think i would need credit QUOTE=filrobbo;4560575]I would go for the long hall and fight them, best wait for the site team to sort you out , they are realy good and will advise you which is the best thing to do .
  5. OK I'll look in to it as it was a long time ago, on a good note iv got a CC from vanquis that started at £250 and is now at £3000 with no LP yes not one 3G with no LT my bank is in great condition, my jacamo catalogue has no LP in the 3 years if had it and as a big 3000 limit, so I must be doing something right,
  6. Ho well think I'll be sitting it out then I'm gutted
  7. And wot do settled and satisfied mean, am I able to get rid of them ???
  8. So if I pay them will the DF start all over agane, and will this stop me from getting say a new car or lone till 2018
  9. OK here is the date of default 24\07\2010 my credit limit was £300 and wot I have to pay back now is £420, I have a pay day lone that Lowell protfoilo 1 Ltd now have default date is 24\11\2012, BT witch I don't know if I can be assed with them as I've read stuff on here about them, I have a few moor but that are 6 years up in 2015 and some are up this year
  10. Hi all, I would like to know if I pay cap 1 the £425 I over them will they be more obliged to remove the default, as it my felt i did not pay them we have all been young all been there and didn't realise how important it would be to get credit as i am now older i am now going through all of my credit report and trying to correct all the things I have not paid, all help would be awesome thanks paul
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