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  1. iam going to do that as well friend,just off the phone to halifax who say i opened that account on 2004 so no cca there,also said after checking that i have never had ppi on any of their products either.buggers. ah well 9 to go...
  2. lads ,does anyone have a link to a ppi template letter ,i don't know if i have been sold any but had credit cards and loans since the early nineties so there is a good chance. iam going to do the cca as i have found that ,would it matter what order i do it in :/
  3. just back from citizens advice and told me i would not be admissible for the DAS scheme as i have been making minimum payments and not defaulting, even though i am on the breadline. told me to go on their website and pick a financial adviser who will charge a minimum of £75 for advice "dont have £75 btw". told me to tell the wife to try and take up full employment if she can although my son needs her and the fact that she will lose at least £500-£600 in benefits also told me to check that i have not been mis sold ppi but did,nt recommend anyone....
  4. appointment with the citizens advice tommorow ,will ask them all about the cca,s aswell...... i guess they will tell me straight what my options are when they see my expenditure and income,will come back and let you guys know what they say.
  5. i think some of them go back to 2003-2004 but the balances have changed will that matter?
  6. will do.. .. i am in scotland so it looks like i will be going on a DAS as the CA are advising, all at christmas as well. Just need to contact my employer and ask them to tranfer my wages into the coop account from next pay, should be fun with me having a one account and a grand into my overdraft.
  7. that is what the CA advised dx ,was waiting until i see the adviser on the 1st before doing so..... really don`t know what to do mate.
  8. yes every three years, even the hospital he attends say they are sick in the head as they know all his background. ...this all goes to a tribunal every three years and after a home visit by a doctor ,is promptly reawarded by a panel of three which always includes another doctor who see,s his medical file. they are ruthless and care about no one man,woman and yes even children,love to know how they sleep at night.. ..anyways enough of my ramblings about the dwp,wrong forum ,lol. just spotted the bit about cab advice dx.... . iam already weary of this as the girl
  9. hi molly316 thanks for taking the time to read the thread.. .. iam just starting to get the hang of the site now"with the links and stuff". i know i sound totally daft with some of my replies but really all this stuff is completely new to me,but iam getting there.....slowly lol. the only reason i go on about my credit file so much is because of my need for a car for my son ,that is all i worry about in all this. when his disability claim runs out when he is sixteen i know they will try and take his car off him once again as they try and do every three year
  10. thanks dx100uk will do....... what if they don`t have it though what happens then?
  11. lol,where did that link come from....... iam still trying to get my head around it though i send them a the written template asking who owns the debt and the reply but i still have the debt ,right.
  12. going to sound really stupid here but what is a CCA request,is that if its a really old debt?
  13. Phoned halifax today and the girl on the phone gave me the numer of their money management team, said that they are the only ones that could reduce my interest rate, maybe even to zero if i gave them a statement of affairs, she said this would show on my credit file as a reduced payment plan. at the moment iam only just covering the interest at £230 a month , that would help me greatly as that is the only debt i have that doesn't come down. i guess iam asking has anyone ever dealt with these guys before and is it worth my while... .. another thi
  14. still waiting on my finance review with citizens advice on december 1st....
  15. recalculated all my outgoings now have £450 available every month, does anyone know if the creditors will demand that full amount between them all.. .. i know so little about such a life changing move. has anyone on this forum ever done a dmp/das i would really appreciate their knowledge.
  16. thanks i will just trying to put what you spend on paper i.e food £200-£300 for three people a month is that a lot or too little,baffled!
  17. must admit didn`t think about some of those.Iam just wondering what the financial people think is enough to live on.i don`t want to start a dmp or das and realize i have even less to live off every month than now...
  18. Right sat down and calculated all my ins and outs and on paper it says that i have at least £700 left over to live every month that is after every thing apart from petrol for the motobilty car.... just doses`t make sense,if i went down the dmp route would they say that was enough to live on for food and the like?
  19. Seriously thinking of contacting halifax directly again and rbos as these as the two companies that are causing me all the bother with their interest rates.. .. halifax must know that a customer is in trouble if their bill hasn`t gone down in three years with no spending on it surely. was thinking of telling them if they don`t` reduce i will go through with the citizens advice dmp thing... ... anybody think the will give a fig or iam wasting my time with them. just feel if i thought i had a chance of paying these bloody things off i would try my damnedest to
  20. i have more than this i just don`t know if i should trust her , didn`t even know what a das was when i asked her if that is what she was proposing? she was also very matter of fact saying stuff them we will give them as little as possible, but surely that will means my debts are around a lot longer....
  21. went to citizens advice asked me to sign a load of forms saying that they would be dealing with my affairs on my behalf. they gave me a couple of a4,s for my income and outgoings... ..she also told me to phone the credit card companies and tell them that the ca is dealing with my debt and to offer token payments until my next appointment on dec 1st. filling in my incoming and outgoings every month it look like,s i have about £400 spare she told me to get this down to about £100 god knows how maybe iam filling it in wrong because there is no way i have
  22. Will probably do that then... just off the phone to the co op and they are going to open an account for me 3-5 days,guy wanted me to apply for the all sing all dancing account with overdraft and the like but told him i just wanted the very basic account.
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