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  1. Yes hsbc applied the default in 2009 when they wanted to do they applied a lot of charges by takeing the payments on the loan out of our joint bank account that we closed in june 2008 which should make it statued barred surely crafty buggers thanks dx if you find out any more please let me no cheers mjaynemarie
  2. Thanks for all your time dx i will make a donation tomorrow and i will come back on tomorrow i am a bit tired i have left my email address if you come up with some information for me thanks snd good night
  3. Yes thats right total amount is the loan and overdraft and interest and charges hsbc kèpt taking the loan out of our closed current account then adding charges on i think mkďp have brought it from hsbc not sure sorry not to be of more help dx
  4. Sorry dx i put some more information on it must have gone astray ! I have had a quick read of grace vs black horse and it is very interesting could you tell me if hsbc acted properly when we went into the branch in 2008 they said they could not help us until we missed any payments ? Then when we missed payments they took payments out by direct debit then claimed non payment fees hey did that for 8 months and pt charging to our account which we had closed in june then put a default on the account in april 2009?
  5. Sorry dx not been to well back on form now did you get the information i submitted a few mins ago ? 22.55
  6. We have tried to get mkdp to take a default notice off my wifes credit file when they have failed to come up with a sighed credit agrement what do we do next
  7. Sorry for the late reply it is for my wife and I we had a bank account and loan with HSBC ! We started having problems paying the loan and went in to the branch to sort it out before we missed any payments on the loan The guy said we can't set anything up because you are not in arrears yet The next thing we found out was they took the loan payment out of our account taking us overdrawn which they charged us £28.00 for going overdrawn and then charged us for not having enough money in our account to pay the loan This all happened in 2008 we tried closing the account but HSBC said we could not close it we opened an account with Yorkshire Bank .we wrote lots of letters to HSBC to sort things out but they ignored us ? Then we started getting letters from different dca companies. HSBC had put the loan in with our account In other words they put the loan and the bank account into one account .surely the cannot do that without our say so mkdp have sent the letter to my wife ñot me .it was a joint account and a joint loan account . my wife has sent a letter to them and asked for a signed credit agreement and I think they will have problems getting it. I have been with cag around four years I had a blood clot on my brain in September last year's which caused me to have a stroke it has left me with a lot of memory loss and I am still recovering . I am very forget full so sometimes I forget what I have written thanks for your help I will make a donation mjaynemarie
  8. Thank you for your help it was a sar letter she sent so she has to send another nine pounds ! That is what they asked for in the letter they sent back to us does that mean the time limit for them to answer by starts from the day they receive the letter ?
  9. I have been sent a letter from them saying I owe them money I have sent them a sar with a pound postal they have replied saying it is ten pounds for a sar are they right and also does the 14 day time limit still stand or does the clock star again if I have to send another postal order Thank you for your help mjaynemarie
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