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  1. I did do a lot back in 1997-1998 but I was limited to what I could do, tried the CAB but that's only ever as good as the person you see, I did see a solicitor but could barely afford it and could not get legal aid, I do want to live in that area as I want to be near my mother who is in her 70s and disabled
  2. There's nothing missing, that's exactly what happened !!! All of these years I was living somewhere else until now when I find myself homeless and wanted to get on the housing list IMO they wouldn't repair the door as the block was coming down There is nothing missing that I can think of I do still have some paperwork, I have a letter from the council sent to my solicitor stating when the security door was fitted and when the tenancy was ended, I also have the paperwork from the council stating when the arrears are for There is no point me coming on here and not telling the whole s
  3. I went yesterday to SMBC and had a meeting with the debt recovery manger named Ian Carson, he told me that SMBC are not looking to recover the £1090 and have written it off however I still have to pay it to get onto their housing list. He also told me that they left the tenancy open so that I could claim the £1500 !!! Which he said I could no longer get
  4. Big metal door implies the police applied for the property to be closed in my mind. Otherwise from what you claim you were unlawfully evicted. That was a reply to this post by Sabre Sheep The police were informed of the break in and i did have a crime number
  5. Abandonment? In jail? How dare you make such suggestions.....I've never been in jail in my life, my tenancy was ended on the 13 February 1998 and the flat was emptied before this
  6. All I can work out was because the flats were being knocked down they thought it would be a easy way to get rid of a tenant, THERE WAS NO POLICE INVOLVEMENT WHATSOEVER So I was unlawfully evicted ?
  7. I left it so long because until i filled this housing form in i didn't know about it What do you meen by Deemed Closed? They did seal off the property due to a break in, nothing was taken just a fish tank smashed and a table smashed to bits on the floor I had NO access until February when i arranged with a manager to get my property out only to find they had already done that
  8. I eventually went to live with my gf but that's over now so this is why i need to get on this list
  9. This happened in June 1997 the steel door went on on the 16th and they ended the tenancy on the 13 of February 1998, I did complain to the council endlessly I did not pay the rent as i assumed I did not have to if I had no access I was living in my car and even parking it on the estate office I have had no contact from the council whatsoever
  10. Hello, I'll try and be brief here. Years ago i returned home from work to find i had been broken into, I reported this to the council and they came around and put a steel door on the flat effectively making me homeless, I kept going on at them to do the repairs but they just kept putting me off, this block of flats was due for demolition a few months later. A couple of weeks ago I filled out a housing form for Sandwell council and have been refused housing because they say I owe them £1090 for all of the time that the steel door was on the flat but all of this time I had no access whatsoev
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