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  1. we know there is very little /nothing they can do however they do have contract and that contract gives them the right to appeal so that's what they intend to do thanks for that I will put they didn't get the letter and why they didn't get it
  2. the letter was sent 7 days before the meeting took 3 days to arrive (according to the postman note saying there was a recorded deliver letter ) they didn't see the letter as they didn't go to the post office to collect it obviously they didn't know it from there work because she was sacked after the meeting I really cant say much (and I know its very difficult to get advice when you are not aware of the full facts ) ohhh there was investigation about something else (much much more serious ) than time keeping I believe there wi
  3. they had been back from sick about 6 weeks they booked the holiday time off they haven't been there a year so we know they can do what they want however they intend to go the company's grievance procedure
  4. Hi old poster here but had to go by different user name for this because it would be as plain as the nose on your face who I am employee on holiday (common knowledge they are abroad) while on holiday letter sent by recorded delivery letter inviting them to an informal meeting regarding there lateness and sickness at the start of there first shift back obviously they didn't get the letter (there was a card from the postman but didn't have time to go collect it ) can they say in there appeal letter I was not formally invited to a disciplinary meeting in writing
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