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  1. Says you..? I don't personally have a dog in the fight. It's your website so you are perfectly entitled to delete/protest/include/deny anything you see fit. But I do take exception to being called a troll who's opened multiple accounts. When I haven't. This is a public computer, I'm not responsible for who else uses it. Be well, and goodbye. (Hope your massive ego recovers from my questioning Bankfodder lol
  2. I tried to substantiate what I was told with a link but it was deleted. I'm not a 'troll' but didn't realise this was such a dictatorship of a website that any dissension would be met with such vitriol and shutting down of debate if it 'ruffled a few feathers'. I'm happy to post the link if I'm 'allowed' by the powers that be?
  3. Eh? No I haven't. But I guess that's one way to prove my point though about CAG's impartiality. Well done. ha. R
  4. OK, thanks for clarifying. (Hope you brought a long spoon with which to sup No offence, but I'll post my question elsewhere as there was a bit too much spin on that press release for my liking. R
  5. Hi, I got some good advice last night on a different section of this forum, so I thought I'd ask another question regarding some unpaid business rates that I'm disputing but is about to be escalated to bailiffs. However a friend of mine told me not to trust CAG I won't post link, but it says that CAG has very close links to Marston Group (who are the bailiffs which contacted me) and indeed many of the top contributors here on Bailiff forum have a vested, undeclared interest in the advice they give?) Please tell me this isn't true. (Obviously I guess the proof of the puddi
  6. OK, thanks for all the advice and the link. I think I may need to take this course as until now I just treated everyone equally, but now I realise some are clearly more 'equal' than others. ha.
  7. Totally BazzaS, whole conversation happened at lunchtime today, face to face. For what it's worth I was polite and tried to be as calm as possible. But now I've got a glass of wine on the go I'm starting to rage.
  8. This is what I'm worried about. I'm new to being self-employed (coming up to 5 years). I've never had a situation like this before. I always assumed people were alright. Work or don't work, etc.
  9. Thanx sillygirl, but what I'm worried about is that now she's told me today she's preggers I can no longer just give her the statutrory weeks notice because she was still under probation and hadn't worked for me for more than two years? Is this correct? If I just send her home on Monday with a week's pay in lieu of finishing her last week (because we can't stand the sight of her any more due to her attitude) will she have good cause to come back and sue me now she's said the 'magic word'?
  10. yes renegade I have. All seems a bit loaded towards telling people how they can screw their employer for as much as possible. That's fine when it's a massive corporation (I used to work for one myself), but I've only just started my own new business in the last 5 years and it's all been going hard work but steady, until this. Hopefully the advice here doesn't just flow one way? What can I do? I'm so angry right now. She's so damn cynical, but seems to know the legal rights. It can't be right?
  11. Sometimes I wish I was pregnant or disabled or from an ethnic minority - it would be a hell of a lot easier than trying to honestly run a small business. Thanks for nothing folks. SO even though she has been failing since day one and I tried to help her, she can now turn round and say the magic word 'discrimination' and I just have to suck it up? I'm not a multi-national corportation here. Oh well, if that's the way it is, I'll just never employ anyone of child-bearing age again, but do it craftily at interview. How depressing.
  12. thanks for reply. I don't really know what documentation you mean. She was just crap at the job. I didn't keep a record of everything she did wrong. Why would I? I've never had any issues with my other employees. I guess maybe I have been naive? But it looks bad for me because the day I fired her is the day she told me she was pregnant. I KNOW which order it happened in. But I can't prove it.
  13. Hi, I'm as mad as hell about this, but I will try to keep a level head to explain, and any advice you can all give I'd really be grateful. I run a small business - 7 employees. But I was hoping to expand a few months ago and realised I needed to take on an office administrator to deal with the day-to-day running of things. (Simple tasks like photocopying, ordering toner cartridges and paper, etc). I found someone and from the start she was awful. Incompetent, bolshy, not right for me or the other 6 workers in the company. But I'm not a monster so I gave her direction, training and
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