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  1. Hi I hope someone can help? I am selling my property and I am using a solicitor for conveyancing. The purchaser has done their own conveyancing. They are now ready to transfer the funds, but my solicitor will not accept the funds unless the purchaser uses a solicitor. The purchaser can prove their identity and that the funds are from the sale of a property so that it's not money laundering. But my solicitor is refusing and says it is the law. The purchaser has bought several properties in the past and not had this issue, and says it's not the law and the solicitors are acting "out of bounds"
  2. I thought that was the point of this forum? for help and support? if I had realised it was full of trolls I wouldn't have bothered. I will seek advice else where!
  3. Ok well my actual question was help with a defence, as I am applying to have it set aside. Im wondering if anyone has anything helpful to contribute? I am filling in the form N244 am I classed as, claimant or defendant? Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.
  4. I have not had it set aside yet as I need to now put in a defence. the CCJ was submitted in FEB 16, I was not aware until OCT 16 that I even had a CCJ?? and it took their solicitors a while to even find the details of my CCJ. As I have explained I am pregnant and have had severe medical issues, obviously the health of my unborn child had to take priority. I am hoping that any court would understand that???
  5. I am hoping someone can help with a defence, I have unfortunately been ill whilst pregnant and unable to continue with the claim until now. as I have been on sick pay couldn't afford the fee to have set aside but really need this sorting as with a baby on the way we are looking to buy a property and this CCJ is going to cause issues. I am now wanting to defend on the points I have raised above, pay the outstanding amount immediately and then I will make a claim against Claremont regarding the poor medical treatment.
  6. I havent got a problem paying the money, I advised them if it is set aside I will make payment, I just dont want a CCJ on my credit file for 6 years. I have not lived at my parents address for years and certainly not since I attended the hosiptal. the CCJ was registered at my old address though. I was very Ill, not diagnosed by this hospital, they refuse to give me prices so I was not aware it would exceed BUPA funding. I was given CCJ in Feb 16, which is when I finally had my operation to cure the problem. Bupa were updated when I moved, as I was refered to this hospit
  7. Ok so they finally found the details, the hospital had given them a totally different address which is my parents address, I sent a email requesting put aside, they have refused as they say they had responsibility to get my new address from bupa even thought they knew I wasnt at the address, they have managed to get my parents address for no known reason???? looks like my only choice ti to apply to have set aside, but what are my chances of winning???
  8. The ICO guidance on defaults doesn’t seem to mention anything with regards to the creditor proving the debt is yours via a CCA?? Surely if you are disputing legality of the credit agreement, as no proof of agreement. ICO state default can be noted on credit file if agreement terms are not met regarding payments. If there is no proof of an agreement then surely this doesn’t stand?
  9. Ok I have read on another forum, where a gentleman did a CCA request, the bank could not fulfil the request as they did not have the paper work and there for removed the default. I am presuming Lowell have NO evidence as they're ignored my CCA. this is the quote from the forum " The strategy relies on the fact that a Default warning letter was never sent out. The law states that before a default can be issued the lender has to send a default warning letter. This is an official looking letter that offers the customer a final 28 days to settle. The letter also includes
  10. Sorry to be stupid, But what would I be reclaiming??? Thanks
  11. I have spoken to the county court and they have advised me that the solicitors can apply to have it set aside and would cost them only 100 pounds!! (which seems a bit of a swiz!! why would it cost me 250!) im going to call the solicitors back at the end of the week and if they still cannot find my details; I am going to demand they have it put aside or contact the ombudsman. I'll let you know what happens.
  12. I have read on CAG, that a full and final agreement is where you don't accept liability and you make it a part of the agreement that it is removed from the credit file if payment accepted??
  13. will the set aside cost 225 pounds? Even though the solicitors have made the mistake?
  14. HI, I think I have copies of the letters on my old Laptop. But although I have the receipts for the postage they are too old to track now, Ive tried on the post office website. the debts are for shop direct catalogues. Taken in 2012 .these haven’t been paid due to illness, I am wanting to make a full and final to get this removed from my credit file as I want to buy a house in the next few years as I am expecting. I am coming into some money from a family member soon and want to use to clear my credit file. But do not want a CCJ in the mean time.
  15. HI this is very weird. I have just looked at my credit file I have a CCJ from Asent solicitors on behalf of claremont private hospital. I was given this information by the county court. I advised I was aware of no debt, they advised it was sent to my old address and that they knew I didn’t live there as bailiffs confirmed the house was derelict. As I used BUPA when at this hospital they had full access to my current details through BUPA. However; I contacted the solicitor who filed for the CCJ to explain their error, they cannot find any details for me
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