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  1. NOTICE OF DISCONTINUANCE received this morning! Cannot thank you guys enough, especially dx and Andy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Feel like I can breathe again. On my way out now but will sort out a donation of appreciation later, I wish I could give more but finances are tight, but I will definitely donate. I am so thankful for the advice on here. Have a great bank holiday weekend guys xx
  2. Finally got correspondence from court: It is ordered that thae claim be adjourned generally with liberty to restore until ......pm ...... september. Any application to restore must be supported by a copy of the default notice allegedly served on defendant. Gave them a nice long time to come up with something....
  3. Hi Kelt. The judge was unphased by claimants sending no represntation. She accepted the application form to be a binding credit agreement. The lone thing that went in my favour was the lack of default notice. Hearing adjourned to give claimant time to find it. FedUp.
  4. Thnks Andy, no I didnt know that. Thank you, i so hope so. Does he have to pay more to go back to court? Thanks for posting the above, its offered relief where i wasnt feeling it before.
  5. On way back now. The judge did not care that it was an application form. She accepted that to be a credit agreement. I questioned the prescribed terms, she said they would have been sent to me she does not doubt it. I was filled with dread. She could see no reason for me not to pay the debt despite what I was saying. But then she asked if I received a default notice. I said no. She said they haven't included one in their bundle either. Case adjourned until they can provide one. Thanks for all the help on here. Does anyone kno
  6. Yeah, neither he nor a representative is attending my case either. I'm hoping the Judge will frown upon that. I would if I was a judge.... justsayin....
  7. trying to get an idea of what to expect. Like you say, knowledge is indeed power. At least I have a day off work to attend, thats one plus
  8. Scary stuff i am kind of arguing the same thing arent i Andy? Not looking forward to it, but at least there wont be a rep at my hearing. Glad its over for you stressed.
  9. Thanks for helping get that up dx. Thankful you can see flaws in his WS. Im in court this week..Wont see him or a representative of his Firm. Will let you know the outcome.
  10. I have tried just doing the one upload but just having no luck.
  11. Hi, I have tried to upload the documents at home too but I get the same error message: database error. Does anyone know how to fix this? The Court phoned me yesterday to say it was a full session at Court on my date and do I think it's still going ahead and I said yes, as far as I know. I said the company I'm dealing with seem to have a habit of issuing discontinuance notices at the last minute but this has not happened to me. She said it might go to another court, but I said that was way to far for me to go, and when she said it might be another date I said that
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