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  1. I need to file my defence do I just say haven't recieved any paperwork from this company do I say anything about the amount been made up of charges and interest ? Thanks again
  2. Only got an I pad and a old lap top this is way above my head could I send the letter ?
  3. Yes just recieved it what about informing the court about the 28 dat extension ?
  4. Just a couple of things had a reply from solicitors they're saying agreement doesn't have to be attached to particulars of claim and they're saying they don't have to get the original document from a third party ie egg ? They say they agree to a 28 day extension and I have to notify the court of this how does that work do I have to file my defence ? Many thanks
  5. Hi I've been issued a county court claim form from Cabot I've acknowledged the claim and sent the 2 letters off to there solicitors I believe I've got 28 days to defend this what happens now
  6. Sorry for the delay been away where not on talking terms so haven't a clue what happens now then do I just wait to here from solicitors they have sent postal order back as wasnt payable to them so that's gone back what happens about my defence as believe got 28 days
  7. My ex got us in a lot of trouble years ago I've had a lot of letters over the years but ignored as thought they were done with and couldn't touch me she got her mum and dad ans sister in trouble she did it all through this site I believe I moved out of present address for about 6months but haved lived here for about 12 months
  8. Haven't a clue from 1999 ? I genuinely didn't think they could touch you after 15 years ?
  9. It's not on my credit file just started getting credit again I've just spent 15 quid on experarian to get rid of ex wife off it my ex got me in a lot of trouble years ago do not know when last payment was made
  10. So I've sent letters to solicitors and acknowledged the court I believe I've got 28 days to defend with court what happens next please ?
  11. Hi guys what's the I intend to contest jurisdiction mean ? On acknowledgment of service form
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