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  1. The letter is from parking eye and it doesn't state clearly that they are cancelling the charges just that they wrote to me and it's not their fault my address was changed and I received none of the demand letters. also they state for me to pay the court charges of 60
  2. I filed an acknowledgement for the county court claim on the 18th of June. If I have 33 days them I still have time to file a defence. can someone advise me if that can be done online or in writing with the papers that were sent to my address? I'm also not sure what to include in my defence. If I mention that parking eye were willing to cancel all the charges apart form the £60 court charges, am I likely to be in a favourable position due to the fact that they were willing to cancel the parking fine?
  3. Ok this what has happened since I acknowledged the claim. I contacted Morrison who wrote to parking eye to cancel the charges. Parking eye stated to Morrison that all charges except the court fee would be cancelled. They wrote to me with the same response that the only money I owe them is £60 for the county court claim otherwise this will continue in court. this is where I'm at. I didn't send a written defence to the courts or contact them as Morrison's and parking eye told me to await their response which I have now received, a letter dated yesterday
  4. No not yet. I was busy with Morriston manager and writing an email to Parking eye. Am I out of time now? I have not heard anything from the courts.
  5. They state that they will take me to court to claim £160 if I don't pay the £60 for court fee and administration costs as they are flopping the penalty charge at the request of the Morrisons Manager whom I went to see
  6. Apologies for not mentioning registering the defence again. I took the advise earlier in the thread which states register the defence and still contact Morrisons. All these this I have done. I will contact the courts but Parking eye want me to pay for registering the court claim and 'administration'. Are you advising me to not pay this once I've checked with the court? I assume that they will discontinued once this fee is paid?
  7. I have filed a defence a few weeks back when I received the letter. I came home to Find a letter from parking eye telling me to pay 60 pounds for the costs associated with the country court claim within the next 7 days dated from yesterday. what is my next move?
  8. I think the date is sometime in May or June. I have registered with the court
  9. An update on the court claim form is this. I contacted Morrisons manager and he was helpful in so as as emailing parking eye to drop the fine. parking eye then responded by stating that I need to pay the court fee of £25 and some administration fee bringing the total up to £60! I am not willing to pay this, is there any advise on what to do next? I'm waiting for parking eye to contact me so I can inform them of this. If I take this to court what is the defence angle I should take as they are willing to drop the parking charge minus the sixty pounds w
  10. I have only done an acknowledgement of service on MCOL. it states I have 28 days to make a full defence....do I not make the defence yet ? What happens now? I do not know what angle to put my defence aside from the fact that all the letters Private Eye sent me were sent at my old address therefore unable to respond sooner. I do not recall this incident occurring even though they state that they have pictures of my car entering and leaving the car park in march 2014. I dispute it on the grounds that they cant prove it was me driving and also they claim there were no valid parking tic
  11. Sorry for being a dimwit! I have gone online on MCOL and there is a question whether I want to contest juristriction of the claim against me...do I tick yes.?
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