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  1. I dont think an all out increase of over £1.50 an hour is the answer. As someone else said, all that will happen is consumer goods & services will increase. Also the biggest losers in this will be the smaller independent businesses. Generally they have been unable to increase their profits due to their customers not having the money. If anything due to increases in energy bills they are worse off. Sadly my experience is that a huge amount of these supposed educated people leaving university or college today have neither the skills nor work ethic to justify giving them extra. Employers find that those that leave school at 16 and learn their trade or those coming into the workplace after early retirement elsewhere work harder & pick up new things far quicker. If labour wants to do anything to improve job prospects and the standard of living for todays Britains. They need to get out of the EU. Close the borders & bring back apprenticeships.
  2. The extended warranty is just an insurance policy. The underwriter looks at the specific vehicle and the likelihood of a claim and its likely cost. For example, to repair a broken road spring on a scenic would be much more than to repair an air suspension fault on a discovery. Like most insurance policies they are not transferable.
  3. Not wishing to sound cheeky or nasty, but look at it from the other side of the coin-The taxpayer. You are getting a not insignificant sum of money in inheritance. You propose (wisely I think) to pay off your mortgage. But you want to keep all the added benefits you receive off the state as well. It reads that you will have approx £32k left once the mortgage is paid. If at this point the property isn't suitable as is, sell it and move into a similar priced one that is. You could buy a Dacia Duster 4x4 with 7 year warranty for just over £10k. Over 7 years even if it depreciates to £1000 it will still be a lower depreciation than on your £18k 1 year old car.
  4. Tips should be treated as taxable income. You would declare it at the end of the year when you put your tax return in.
  5. If I'm reading it right you asked for 2 weeks (give or take a few days) notice. They gave you what you asked for. Did you get paid for the 2 weeks? Also regarding the commision, was this for closed sales with vehicles collected?
  6. I think you need to dig a bit deeper to get to the real root of the problem. Currently even if the police get a theft or damage case to court, the offender gets a silly slap on the wrist if found guilty. Repeat offenders know how to use the system to drag cases out along with solicitors who are getting money out the public purse to defend them. I totally agree with chiefs analogy.
  7. I'd make an appointment with citizens advice. I was of the understanding that inherited income would be taken into account for means tested benefits. As silly as it sounds, DWP may expect you to use the 140k to live off.
  8. It is experience within the trade conniff. My stock comes from local garage trade ins and auction sales. In both cases I and other traders are told or witness the sale at auction. See the vehicle go for considerably more than its CAP price. You then see it advertised at some garages. You can see the margin in these vehicles and that they have not been prepaired to retail standard. The midlands is a particularly bad area for this practice. My report to admin was the removal of wording in my post which completely changed the tone of my post. This was unfair to me and to the users that will find the information of help.
  9. In that case, Am I reading it wrong and your friends partner does not want any benefits or a roof over his head (in the house your friend is living in) paid for by the UK benefit system? Out of interest, who was paying the solicitor fees you outline above?
  10. NoI think he'll be on this forum tomorrow complaining that his boss sacked him unfairly and didn't follow procedure!
  11. Forgive me here. But your friends partner has been living illegally in the UK for nearly 2 decades. Presumably he has been working in the Black Market economy paying no income tax whatsoever into the UK system. He has had that 2 decades to make himself legal. He chose not to. You also contradict yourself telling how Libya has a benefits system and then tell us if they moved there they would be living on the streets. Looks like Libya doesn't feel like handing out housing and benefits to criminals that shouldn't be in the country. And before anyone slates me on calling him a criminal, he is an illegal immigrant whatever way you dress it up. If anything Libya has far greater wealth to support your friend and her partner. Now I am sorry your friend is in this predicament. But it is a predicament of her own making. If you were to ask a UK born and bred cancer victim that was being refused drugs that could drastically improve her life on cost grounds should he be given benefits, what do you think the response would be? Were you to ask a veteran of WW2 who has now to sell his home to pay for his own care in his old age in a country he fought for and paid taxes in his entire life. Should your friends partner get housing and benefits, what do you think he would say? This country has extremely limited resources. If you read any of the posts on this very forum especially on mental health. You will see how underfunded it is. As I see it the majority of UK citizens want to see our own populations health and wellbeing looked after before anyone else.
  12. Have you considered going to Libya and asking them for some benefits?
  13. What has he been doing for money in the last 19 years? Is her partner living in the same house as her?
  14. leonmassey is correct. As of 2 or 3 years ago it became law that a seller must declare if the vehicle was a previous insurance loss. However you would needto be able to return the vehicle in the same condition it was in ie with the keys and paperwork.
  15. You should of either got the holidays accrued or been paid for them from your previous employment. Did you speak to your new employer about taking holidays so soon after starting?
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