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  1. Thank you citizenB.



    Yes of course, I am happy to arrange something with them to sort out the missed payments.



    However, I also think it is wrong of them to continue to visit when I have said I will deal with the problem in writing.



    Anyway, I will continue to record any further visits and will take your advice of firing of a letter of complaint.




  2. Hello,


    This is my first post and I was wondering if anybody could help me with some advice.


    I recently fell into financial difficulties and have fallen behind with my payments to Brighthouse.


    A staff member of Brighthouse visited my home and I told them I would prefer to discuss my account in writing and not at the doorstep. She never said anymore and just left.


    She came a second time and I told her that I was withdrawing her implied rights of access and asked her to leave. I video recorded this visit. She left and I thought she would have got the message that I won't discuss my account at the door.


    Now she has called around again and I was out. But she left a card through the door. I have a feeling she will be back.


    I don't know if she is breaking the law by ignoring my request for her to not visit my property.


    Does anybody have any suggestions.



    Thank you

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