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  1. do you have a contact for BB loans the one on the internet is another company
  2. If you escaped from First Step Finance you were lucky it appears that they systematically stole all the client's cash 7.2 million over 4 years
  3. the administrators report which can be found on the companies house website is damning - apparently it had been going on for years they stole systematically every penny paid in by clients, they lied to the regulators and then the guy who "bought it" didn't in fact do anything and he had known what they were up to for at least 3 years They funded their son in The Debt Professionals and their 3 children as shareholders in Pick a Pay Day and they still own a business that their son runs which hasn't been mentioned anywhere Christine Whitehurst owns Bluestone Claims Limited and funded it, her son is the MD her daughter, and sister work there and her husband is the marketing consultant :mad2:
  4. Not necessarily there must have been millions in the clients account with 3k customer accounts where has that gone if it were me I'd report it to the police
  5. looks like all client funds have gone it's disgraceful anyone who was owed money should report it to the police to make sure they don't just get away with it they'd do it to you as quick
  6. sadly it seems that the company has minimal balances in it's accounts and it's clients who suffer as their cash has gone it's worth keeping an eye on what is going on Begbies Traynor can only do so much but I know if I gave someone my money and then it disappeared I'd report it to the police it's fraud isn't it
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