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  1. yes he did to the CEO, who took over 2 weeks to reply saying he had spoken to the managers concerned and was satisfied procedures had been followed, closing rank I think. ACAS are involved with the first man so there really is some underhand things going on, I bet all that still work there are wondering who's next
  2. His union rep stated to them they couldn't do that as no policies had been adhered to, they said his demeanour didn't fit in with the company image. Seven men have gone down this route since the start of September. Because my son had been there for less than 2 years it would seem he can't go to tribunal but it is having a big impact on getting another job. Any advice welcome please?
  3. looking for advice for my son. He was employed as a fitter for a large company and had good feedback for his work, doing all hours and on call. A new manager came and things started to go wrong. Another employee was suspected of stealing and several (my son included) was forced into giving statements against him, forced by way of saying if they didn't they would be surplus to requirements. My son expressed he wasn't happy with this but as he has a young family and another on they way he had to go along with it. Following this word was getting back to him that the accused man was after him and he had to watch his back. The manager was seen walking around with a baseball bat. When leaving work one night my son was stopped by this manager and baseball bat and demanded to search his vehicle, nothing was found on him. Shortly after it got too much for my son and he had to go off with stress, this was for a week followed by a weeks previously booked holiday. On his return he was summoned to a meeting with this manager and one other and told he could have a union rep with him. In the meeting he was told there was no issues with his work but they thought he had a negative attitude on the other staff as he looked miserable. The following day he was sacked, that day they said it was for gross misconduct. No verbal or written warnings had been issued previously.
  4. I have a little update on this and would like the benefit of your knowledge please. The bank statements were requested but when one of the executors attended a pre-arranged meeting at the bank to collect them he was told they had gone to the solicitor. The solicitor has just said to him that she is extremely busy with important work and would inform him when she had looked into it. Is this normal? I am at the point where I don't know who to trust anymore and wonder if my husband is being filled with stories to try and keep this quiet. The solicitor and bank are supposed to be working together in this. Has anyone any knowledge of this procedure?
  5. I suppose but it stil looks like manipulation by at least one of them. I have a copy of an email my husband sent to her solicitor following a meeting which informs them of the fact she had said she was bullied by her daughters. This was in 2011. She has also told others that she gifted £20,000 to one about 3 years ago to stop his partner going to prison for frauding the DSS, she bought the manipulative sister a brand new car ( although she now claims she didn't) and she also told people she gave the other daughters husband £10,000 just over a year ago as his business was failing. These 3 are the main benefactors. One seems hell bent on causing disruption and upset to us and the other siblings. She is the one who is the most manipulative, bank statements will hopefully show large sums of money gone. Also this said sister has used her bank card and cheque book for quite some time,, writing and signing cheques etc. We all know there has been something untoward going on and won't rest until it's proven and the are punished for it. We really do need any advice that's available.
  6. I'll try and find out but believe it was with a gp. She had openly told her children who weren't sponging off her that she was being bullied, however she was a bit of a drama queen but easily manipulated. The "poor daughter" who only earns £5 an hour cleared off on a fortnights cruise 3 weeks before her death - knowing she could have gone by the time she got back. However she was the only one who cared. These are quotes from the daughter by the way
  7. I have just found this - worth a look for non agricultural folk https://www.gov.uk/agricultural-tenancies
  8. that sounds like you agree with us then and they knew it was out of character and impulsive to do it. It's all very suspicious and underhand. Clearly the brain tumours affected her and as medical staff failed to diagnose them, just the gp telling her it was a blood pressure headache for the past 3 years proves there was something seriously wrong. It was allegedly the gp who wrote the letter saying she was of sound mind - very questionable. There has been talk of the sister going to sue the nhs for failing to diagnose
  9. it's something to do with agricultural law re a years notice. One of the executors is aware of the wish to buy. No valuations have come in yet so don't know what to offer. Just think notice would have been appropriate due to the animals etc, it would have been common courtesy. The solicitor we used consulted one of the experts in that side of it from their large firm. Think now we going to try and contest the will due to the fact she had undiagnosed brain tumours at the time she changed her will 18 months ago and why was she taken to the doctor to get a letter saying she was of sound mind before she went to her solicitor? One of the main benefactors arranged all this and she is the one who took that person there yesterday. Taking in to account that the old lady admitted to being bullied by her 3 years ago it is very suspicious. Waiting for the bank statements to decide for sure.
  10. Hi out there, more advice needed please. As stated above we have been renting the field with our horses, there is a lot of value tied up with the animals, tack etc. Totalling in excess of £40,000. Hence my concerns to be told this evening that one of the sisters has taken someone there today without our knowledge to view. Probate hasn't been granted yet and no valuations in yet. I find this unacceptable as it could have been anyone, and there are lots of thefts within the horse world. Does anyone know that if they should give us a certain amount of notice to look? Also our solicitor did say we have to have at least a years notice but she had told one of the valuers we were getting off it soon. She is the one that is calling all the shots. I am now thinking of writing to their solicitors expressing my views but I need to know legalities before I do this - please help
  11. thanks for that steampowered, my husband has asked to see the bank statements now and although he asked his eldest brother as he is one of the executors and strangely one that doesn't stand to inherit a large amount, one of the others has said they are fed up with his attitude and he is acting like a 2 year old, which to me makes me think they are getting worried. My husband hasn't spoken to them at all and we have just returned from holiday so don't know why they don't like his attitude. The ones that don't feature in the main are all questioning where her money has gone and she did tell them all at some point she has bought new cars and helped failing businesses etc recently so they are prepared to get the police and inland revenue involved if necessary. It's so frustrating as they are lading them on to their faces but saying stuff behind their backs which does wind people up. Do you know if discounts when buying are a matter of course?
  12. this is nottslads mum, having managed to register myself, can I also ask advice on the possibility of having to be offered the field first to buy when it is sold. The whole situation is very worrying and we need to know everything we can re compensation for money and time spent upkeeping it all for the last 25 years. Also 2 of ther siblings which inherit the bulk took her to change her will 18 months ago after also taking her to the doctor for a letter saying she was of sound mind, even though she had been having treatment for high blood pressure for 3 years which the gp said was the cause of her headaches. On hindsight she must have had the brain tumours for some time as after the diagnosis she only survived 7 weeks. We feel really stuck at the minute and need help, financially we can't afford solicitors fees as if we lose it would cost tens of thousands which we don't have. Any advice, no matter how trivial you think may help us so please feel free to try and aleviate some of our worry.
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