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  1. Hi another update after sending them a formal letter requesting a refund they said I would need to recover the car back to them so they can have a look and "go from there". My concern is that once the car is back to them, they will carry out a temporary fix to make it look like it's working and decline the refund. I'm thinking to get a vehicle inspection report but called the AA and they said if the fault is with the gearbox I will need a specialist engine inspection company e.g. Dekra. Anything else should I do? Many thanks.
  2. Thanks so much for your advice guys it's much appreciated. After experiencing the horror of the car shutting down 10 times on the motorway, I have no trust in it anymore and will only go for a refund. Will send an email + sent a recorded letter to them tomorrow and also call up Trading Standard too and see if they can give any further advice. Thanks once again and I will keep you updated on the outcome of this. We consumers really need to fight against these rogue traders who think they can get away with ripping off people.
  3. Thanks for your reply what do you think about my plan does it sound ok? - Send them an email + letter as written confirmation requesting a refund. Let them know that I will be taking necessary action to get my refund as I'm entitled. - Call Trading Standard to report the problem.
  4. How did you pay? Hi I paid using Debit Card. Thanks for the guide. I've done quite a bit of research and think I'm eligible for a refund. Just wondering what are the best way to demand the refund from them.
  5. If they agree for a refund I will probably ask a recovery company to tow it back to them. They're about 10 miles from me, not very far.
  6. Hi everyone, Bought a second hand mini cooper for my other half from this dealer: Jxxx Cxxx Limited in Hendon (please avoid them by the way, really nice and sweet before sale and absolutely rude after sale). The car was purchased last Saturday 7 June 2014. Yesterday I drove it to pick up some wheels about 50 miles away. About 20 miles from home on the motorway the car rev itself to 6000rpm and stalled. I was able to pull over, started the car again and 10 minutes later the same problem happened. I then decided to go home and on the way home, the issue happened another 8 times
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