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  1. This is / was a cowboy. Maybe lost his nerve following tightening up after the B****t A*******g debacle. Obviously accredited originally by the AO but now out of contact from us trainees and the Awarding Organisation who accredited this trainer. There were no terms and conditions ..... there was a complaints procedure but the trainer initially just re-allocated / re-assigned us a new assessor. (Who may well have been the same one just using a new name and presumably a trainee verifier also studying there ...!) So a joke ... No hearing of the complaint ... but we know now why bother if you are planning on doing a bunk and the complaints are all similar!! The CEO also taking second payments from some card holders who had dictated over the phone ... we used online https.
  2. I, along with my wife and at least a dozen other trainees, have recently learnt that our online / distance NVQ /QCF assessor trainer has closed leaving us all at different stages of our courses. This training centre was clearly going belly up for months as the standard of feedback and communication was appalling. We are self-funded, some over a thousand out of pocket and unfortunately apparently unknown to the Awarding Organisation (AO) as we had never been registered with them. So the AO's Duty of Care will not extend to re-allocating us to new trainers. Some trainees have completed but were awaiting their certifcates, others like me were less advanced and awaiting feedback on worksheets. Does anyone have a definitive answer from their experience that those of us who paid by Credit Card will get our money back as it is a Case of Breach of Contract ? We are querying with our banks but it is still at the 'investigation' stage ...the banks awaiting feedback from the dodgy s**t. One trainee tells us that their bank verbally replied that, having been given eportfolio access and setting up an account, that the trainer has therefore fulfilled their contract - so the bank is not liable under section 75. But we all assume that we were paying for a full course of training, that included feedback - not just a password !!! The point being, if we know our dosh will be returned at some future date, we can sign up with new trainers, pay them and finish our studies ...
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