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  1. So the flat we were shown and were given are part of the same complex but different buildings. We were led to believe we were viewing a flat in block D but we were actually viewing a flat in block A, we signed the contract for the block D flat under the impression that it was the flat in block A, both flats were number 12. I can only think that the estate agent has made an error and doesn't realise her mistake. Thanks for you quick response, Jacob
  2. Hello, Me and 2 of my friends viewed a flat in London we liked it enough to take it off the market and then paid the full deposit and first months rent. Then when we went to move in (after signing the contract) there was no one to check us in or do an inventory check then when we finally got the keys we discovered that the flat they had 'given' us was in a different building, much smaller and worse condition than the one we viewed. We tried to speak to the agents but they denied ever being in the property we viewed and refused to show up at their office on the day. I was wonderi
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